While it’s the famed Beatles tune that spurs a Japanese man down a 1960’s-set relationship memory lane, what you’ll get here is a far more demanding type of musically pleasing love, courtesy of THERE WILL BE BLOOD‘s Jonny Greenwood. And while his latest score might not spill over with quite as much milkshake-worthy insanity, there’s again no denying that Greenwood is right at the top of the Avant-garde scoring movement between dissonance and melody. However, the trick of the Radiohead member-turned-composer is turning what could be as unlistenable as a lot of today’s “modern” classical music is into something truly transfixing.

His NORWEGIAN WOOD soundtrack is the kind of completely untraditional film composition who’s least concern is guiding your emotions. If anything, Greenwood’s writing leads you on with its pure strangeness, if just to figure out what the hell it’s all supposed to mean. In tandem with the aching bows of The Emperor Quartet, Greenwood materializes the trembling, unsettled ghosts of the past, achieving a sound of incredible longing with all of the conflicts that shattered love long ago love. Thankfully, there’s identifiably romantic chamber guitar playing to go along with the string instruments’ more forbidding reaches, aided as well by a bit of electronic manipulation. NORWEGIAN WOOD ends up coming across like the music of an artsy guy remembering happier times, all the while trying to flee them- not a bad place to be if your mind is open to taking this kind of experimental ride to a place that’s anything but rom-com friendly.


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Article: CD Review of NORWEGIAN WOOD soundtrack

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