During the press event for IMMORTALS at WonderCon 2011 in San Francisco, director of the film, Tarsem Singh discussed why he hired Lily Collins for the role in the fantasy live-action film, SNOW WHITE which he’s also directing.

He had a surprising answer.

“Eyebrows,” Singh jokes. “I saw her eyebrows and I said ‘That’s SNOW WHITE.’ I met her when she came in for Isabel [Lucas]’s part of Athena [in IMMORTALS] and she didn’t read for the part or anything. I met her a year ago on IMMORTALS and I only met her for a coffee the day before yesterday and I saw those eyebrows. And I said to the studio, ‘If you don’t touch those eyebrows this is Snow White.’ And the studio said, ‘We won’t touch those eyebrows.’ And I said, ‘This is her.’”

So that answers the question then, Singh is indeed an eyebrow man.

“An eyebrow man, I am,” he adds.

In all seriousness, however, Singh hired Collins because she is a talented, up-and-coming actress and was the perfect person for the lead role in the upcoming fantasy film.

IMMORTALS opens November 11, 2011

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