During the press event for HANNA (which opens April 8) at  WonderCon 2011 in San Francisco, director of the film Joe Wright talked about whether political or social messages played a big part in his film about a young woman who is trained to protect herself by her former CIA father in the wilds of Finland.

“I hope that the film works on different levels,” Wright says. “It can be taken on a pure action thriller, but also we wanted to work in that responsible aspect and so it will be enjoyable by many different audiences.”

And Wright isn’t shy about the female empowerment aspects of HANNA.

“The film does connect with certain issues, not political issues that are evident in the United States, but more social issues,” Wright says. “The treatment of women in society, the objectivity of women, female empowerment, things that have been addressed by Hollywood but in most ways has been bastardized.”

Wright goes on to talk about how a certain movie that just came out claimed to be a movie about female empowerment yet was anything but … unless women running around in short skirts and cut off tops is somehow empowering. Needless to say, Wright isn’t a fan of SUCKER PUNCH.

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