WonderCon 2011: PUSHING DAISES mini-series on Starz? Creator Bryan Fuller would love that! (Exclusive)

PUSHING DAISIES - Season 1 DVD | ©Warner Bros.

Creator and writer Bryan Fuller at WonderCon 2011 | ©2011 Assignment X/Peter Brown Bryan Fuller’s baby PUSHING DAISIES only lasted two seasons on ABC and one could argue at the treatment it received during that second season. However, he isn’t saying goodbye just yet and would love to have it appear on another network at some point. “I am really emboldened by what Starz is doing with TORCHWOOD and I would love to do a PUSHING DAISIES mini-series on Starz,” Fuller says. “This would be a great way to wrap up the show properly. [We could] do six great episodes […]Read On »


Wondercon 2011: Check out ASSIGNMENT X’s coverage all weekend


WonderCon 2011 is finally here and ASSIGNMENT X has our intrepid reporter Peter Brown on the scene in San Francisco to give us the scoop on all the great pop culture goodness the event has to offer. CLICK HERE to check out all of ASSIGNMENT X‘s news and you can also follow our coverage on TWITTER by CLICKING HERE. CLICK HERE for AX’s Exclusive interview with Scott Allie on BUFFY – SEASON 9 CLICK HERE for AX’s Exclusive Interview with SCOTT ALLIE on the ANGEL AND FAITH comic book CLICK HERE to find out how much involvement Joss Whedon will […]Read On »

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