Interview: CHUCK finale talk with co-creator Chris Fedak and actor Adam Baldwin

Adam Baldwin in CHUCK - Season 5 | ©2011 NBC/Mitchell Haaseth

CHUCK, NBC’s cult hit comedy about a good-hearted big box store worker turned international spy played by Zachary Levi, comes to an end tonight with a two-hour series finale at 8 PM. To mark the end of CHUCK’s five-year run, NBC hosted a conference call on Monday with Adam Baldwin, who has starred on the series as experienced espionage agent John Casey, one of Chuck’s handlers, and Chris Fedak, who created the series with fellow executive producer Josh Schwartz. Here are some highlights of that conversation. On what can be said about the big finale, Fedak says, “It’s going to […]Read On »


Exclusive Interview: Bonita Friedericy on CHUCK & the Season 5 renewal – Part 2

Bonita Friedericy | photo courtesy of Bonita Friedericy

In Part Two of our exclusive interview with actress Bonita Friedericy, she tells us more about playing General Beckman on CHUCK, plus when she realized the show had a cult following and her other recent projects. ASSIGNMENT X: Beckman does show up in person occasionally, but most of the time, she interacts with Chuck et al over a computer monitor … BONITA FRIEDERICY: I’m playing a part that actually is pretty much on a monitor. I’m always either on a video camera or it’s floating away from me onto the reactions of others, which I find extremely amusing. This is […]Read On »


Exclusive Interview: CHUCK actress Mekenna Melvin on Casey, Morgan and the fans

Actress MeKenna Melvin | photo by Josh Williams Photography

On NBC’s Monday night action/comedy series CHUCK, now in its fourth season, the core team of spies consists of Chuck Bartowski (Zachary Levi), who still maintains his cover as an employee at the Buy More electronics store, and longtime espionage agents Sarah Walker (Yvonne Strahovski) and Col. John Casey (Adam Baldwin), with Chuck’s lifelong friend Morgan (Joshua Gomez) providing untrained backup. Last season, we learned that seeming loner Casey had once been engaged – and we learned along with Casey that relationship produced a daughter, now a young woman Alex McHugh, played by Mekenna Melvin. Alex has since learned that […]Read On »

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