CD Review: ROCKETSHIP X-M soundtrack

ROCKETSHIP X-M soundtrack | ©2012 Monstrous Movie Music

Intrepid Earth beings would get theirs upon visiting another planet in 1950’s ROCKETSHIP X-M. Along with DESTINATION MOON, ROCKETSHIP was one of the pioneering sci-fi movies, whose phallic spacecraft ended up landing on a mutant-infested Mars, as opposed to the dusty Moon- a predicament that not even manly X-M captain Lloyd Bridges could beat. The real discovery of this space voyage is its rousing score by Ferde Grofe. With precious few composing credits to his name (Grofe’s biggest hit would be the song “Wonderful One”), ROCKETSHIP X-M reveals a soundscape that’s surprisingly beautiful for the genre scores of the period. […]Read On »

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