Car Review 2013 MAZDA CX-9

Mazda CX-9 | ©2013 Mazda

Car Manufacturer: Mazda Model: 2013 Mazda CX-9 Suggested Retail Price: Starting at $29,785 As cars became smaller and SUVs became stale and conservative in their design, building a nice, robust vehicle stopped being a major priority. Thank goodness for Mazda, as the MAZDA CX-9 proves you can not only create a well put-together family vehicle but you can also create a gas conscious and space conscious car at the same time. The CX-9 is a new generation SUV – one that can seat up to seven people, has ample leg room for everyone and also provides a safe, sturdy and […]Read On »


Car Review 2013 MAZDA5

The exterior of the Mazda5 | ©2013 Mazda

Car Manufacturer: Mazda Model: 2013 Mazda5 Suggested Retail Price: Starting at $25,620 The look and feel of mini-vans have changed considerably in the last ten years, but Mazda has delivered a wonderful new six-passenger vehicle with the MAZDA5. It’s a spacious and very innovative little car that makes the passengers feel like they’re in the driver’s seat. With a size that’s about the same as standard SUV, the Mazada5 can fit six people comfortably in the car. Even cooler, the sleek design has 2 sliding back doors (more akin to a van) so it’s easier for the passenger’s to get […]Read On »


Car Review 2013 KIA SORENTO review and 2014 KIA SORENTO CES preview

KIA Sorento 2014 at CES

Car Manufacturer: Kia Model: 2013 KIA SORENTO Suggested Retail Price: Starting at $23,150 As KIA has proven, their cars are definitely top of the line and smooth, comfortable rides. The KIA SORENTO is no different. Test driving the Sorento on a drive to Las Vegas to check out the Computer Electronics Show (CES) really put the car to the test. With the weather a mixture of sunny, cloudy and very windy, it showcased how smooth the car drove in every kind of situation. The beauty of the Sorento is it never feels like you’re braving crazy weather. Even on the […]Read On »


Car Review: 2012 KIA Optima Hybrid

The 2012 KIA Optima Hybrid | ©2012 KIA

Car Manufacturer: KIA Model: 2012 KIA Optima Hybrid Starting Price: $27,000 The big question with gas prices reaching so high is whether or not to go electric or hybrid? Clearly, electric cars still have a long way to go to engage the mainstream and allow them to feel safe in leaving their gas guzzlers behind, but the concept of hybrid cars offers a comfortable alternative. While still running off of an electric battery, the car also works on conventional gas which allows for better gas mileage and a middle-ground that helps the environment and isn’t too shabby on the pocket […]Read On »


Car Review: 2012 Suzuki Kizashi

The 2012 Suzuki Kizashi | ©2012 Suzuki

Car Manufacturer: Suzuki Model: 2012 Suzuki Kizashi Starting Price: $18,999 Looks can be deceiving and the Suzuki Kizashi may appear like a standard mid-size car on the outside, but boy is it so much more. Here is a car that is more than transportation – it’s something you just love to drive. My preferred mode of transportation are trucks, so I do lean toward stick shifts when it comes to my vehicles. And the Kizashi comes with a stick, which gives it so much more power and fluidity than regular vehicles. We put the Kizashi to the test on a […]Read On »


Car Review: 2012 KIA SOUL

The 2012 KIA SOUL | ©2012 KIA

Car Manufacturer: Kia Model: 2012 KIA SOUL Suggested Retail Price: $19,845 The chance to drive two different Kia’s in one month was definitely a fun treat. Not only was it a contrast to see how the car company handled two entirely different types of vehicles – but also it was great to see how each performed when put to the test. I have to say, I loved the SOUL just a little bit more than the KIA RIO. The reason is that the SOUL feels like a hipper version of a SUV. It looks cool and funky, it’s incredibly comfortable […]Read On »


Car Review: 2012 KIA RIO 5-DOOR SX

The 2012 KIA RIO 5-DOOR SX | ©2012 Assignment X

Car Manufacturer: Kia Model: 2012 KIA RIO 5-DOOR SX Suggested Retail Price: $20,745 Up until reviewing cars for ASSIGNMENT X, I never had the chance to drive or ride in a KIA, but the two latest cars (the RIO and the SOUL) we sampled from the impressive car maker prove to be quite cool and very fun rides. First up is the 2012 KIA RIO 5-DOOR SX and this is a nice  little car that features many of extras that make driving a KIA fun, plus it has a nice affordable price. This is a starter car in many ways […]Read On »


Car Review: 2012 MAZDA3 4-DOOR

The 2012 MAZDA3 FOUR-DOOR | ©2012 Mazda

Car Manufacturer: Mazda Model: 2012 Mazda3 4-DOOR Suggested Retail Price: $24,970 ASSIGNMENT X tackles our latest car review as we test drove the 2012 MAZDA3 FOUR-DOOR. Keep in mind, we’re not car experts, but that’s the point of the review – we represent the average consumer so we won’t be talking tech, we’ll be talking about what we feel makes the car cool. “Zoom Zoom” has been a catch phrase of Mazda for some time and the 2012 MAZDA3 4-DOOR lives up to that name and then some. A nice, compact, smooth ride, the MAZDA3 is a sporty four-door without […]Read On »


Car Review: 2011 KIA Optima SX

2011 KIA Optima SX | ©2011 KIA

Car Manufacturer: KIA Model: 2011 Optima SX Suggested Retail Price: $25,995.00 Reviewing cars is a brand new thing for ASSIGNMENT X, but, as cars begin to feel like moving super computers all on their own, it was about time to add them to our pop culture review diet. Granted, we’re not car experts, we just know what’s cool and what works for us as consumers, which is how we’ll approach our first car review in our magazine. It’s been some time since my family’s last car purchase (2002 to be exact), so getting to drive around in a brand new […]Read On »

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