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WonderCon 2011: BUFFY creator Joss Whedon will be actively involved with Season 9 (Exclusive)

Buffy & Angel from BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER SEASON EIGHT | © 2011 Dark Horse Comics

While speaking with ASSIGNMENT X during an exclusive interview at WonderCon 2011, Dark Horse Senior Managing Editor Scott Allie revealed what role creator Joss Whedon will have in the upcoming BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER – SEASON 9 comic books. “He’s pretty busy, but we were really gearing up for how to do this with as little of his time as possible,” says Allie. “And we had figured out how to do it,” Allie says. “But [Joss] said he really wanted to be involved. So he has been making the time. He is writing the first issue of BUFFY, he’ll be co-writing […]Read On »


WonderCon 2011: ANGEL comic books will become ANGEL AND FAITH (Exclusive)

ANGEL Issue #44 | ©2011 IDW

While speaking with ASSIGNMENT X during an exclusive interview at WonderCon 2011, Dark Horse Senior Managing Editor Scott Allie revealed some major plans in store for the ANGEL comics which are moving from IDW to the Dark Horse family. The first of which is the name of the book, which will change to ANGEL AND FAITH focusing on the vampire and the vampire slayer. “After the traumatic events of Season 8 , Faith sticks with Angel in order to get his act together after everything happens,” Allie says. “The two of them share the spotlight and both have their names […]Read On »


WonderCon 2011: The Scoop on BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER – Season 9 comics (Exclusive)

Buffy & Spike from BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER SEASON EIGHT | © 2011 Dark Horse Comics

While speaking with ASSIGNMENT X during an exclusive interview at WonderCon 2011, Dark Horse Senior Managing Editor Scott Allie revealed some plans for the publisher’s forthcoming BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER – SEASON 9 comics. After Season 8’s long and scattered production schedule amounting to 40 issues for the season, Dark Horse is planning a much scaled back comic for Season 9, but that could be they are also launching concurrently ANGEL AND FAITH – the new ANGEL series from the publishing house. “Everyone felt that it took too long at 40 issues,” Allie says. “So this season is going to […]Read On »


Exclusive: The scoop on why OBLIVION was dropped by Disney according to director Joseph Kosinski

OBLIVION graphic novel | ©2010 Radical Books

While speaking with director Joseph Kosinski about the Blu-ray/DVD release (arriving April 5)  of TRON: LEGACY, ASSIGNMENT X asked the helmer about what happened with Disney on his OBLIVION project that Disney recently put into turnaround. This is what he had to say. “It’s a story I wrote five years ago and we developed as a script with Disney,” says Kosinski. “We always knew it was going to be pushing the Disney envelope. Even with TRON we pushed the Disney envelope and with OBLIVION we pushed ourselves right out of the envelope. It was clear it was a square peg […]Read On »


First Look: New THOR IMAX poster is here

THOR - IMAX poster | ©2011 Marvel Studios/Paramount

It’s a little over one month away before Marvel Studios latest comic book adaptation THOR hits theater screens on May 6 and the latest reveal is the brand new IMAX poster. You can check it out below. THOR stars Chris Hemingsworth as the God of Thunder and Natalie Portman as his love interest. This begins the one-two superhero punch of Marvel big screen characters this summer which follows in July with CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER. CLICK HERE for more CAPTAIN AMERICA news, trailers and interviews CLICK HERE for more THOR news, trailers and interviews  


Breaking News: Amy Adams to play Lois Lane in SUPERMAN: MAN OF STEEL

Amy Adams at the Los Angeles Premiere of THE FIGHTER | © 2010 Sue Schneider

What is it with these big news announcements on Sunday? Oh well, when it comes to SUPERMAN: MAN OF STEEL, we’ll accept these super news items any time. Looks like THE FIGHTER and ENCHANTED actress will be taking on the role of Lois Lane and it couldn’t be a better choice. She’s got sass and vulnerability which makes her perfect for this Zack Snyder directed reboot. She will star opposite Henry Cavill who plays Clark Kent aka Superman. Source: Hollywood Reporter  


First Look at new TV WONDER WOMAN costume on Adrianne Palicki

Adrianne Palicki is WONDER WOMAN for the new NBC pilot | WONDER WOMAN comic books image | ©2011 Warner Bros. Television

NBC is taking a big leap with its new WONDER WOMAN TV remake developed by HARRY’S LAW creator David E. Kelly. Adrianne Palicki will be the Amazonian goddess for this pilot (it hasn’t been picked up to series … yet). Take a look at the new pick below which follows pretty closely to the recent WONDER WOMAN comic book incarnations. Do you love it? Do you hate it? Chime in below with your comments.


Kevin Costner to star in SUPERMAN: MAN OF STEEL as Clark Kent’s dad

Kevin Costner in SWING VOTE | ©2008 Walt Disney Pictures

The Zack Snyder directed SUPERMAN: MAN OF STEEL movie added another person to its cast according to THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER – Kevin Costner. The actor will play Jonathan Kent, Clark Kent’s adoptive father. Costner will play opposite Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel himself while Diane Lane will be Martha Kent. In a press release from Warner Bros., Snyder says, “Jonathan Kent is the only father figure Clark has ever had, the man who was there to help Clark understand what he was meant to do in the world as Superman. Kevin will be able to communicate the quiet strength […]Read On »


Breaking News: DAREDEVIL rebooted by ECLIPSE director David Slade

DAREDEVIL comic book | ©Marvel Comics

VARIETY is reporting that THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE director David Slade will be directing the new DAREDEVIL reboot for 20th Century Fox. The previous Marvel Comics film adaptation came out in 2003 and starred Ben Affleck. It didn’t do particularly well at the boxoffice, so a reboot seems perfectly logical. Stay tuned for the expected parade of actors vying for the role of the blind lawyer turned superhero. Source: Variety


Exclusive: Broadway vet gives take on SPIDER-MAN: TURN OFF THE DARK controversy


This Friday, actor Kevin Cahoon stars in the new Disney CGI animated films MARS NEEDS MOMS as the Martian sidekick Wingnut. However, Cahoon is also known for his Broadway work, including his work with Julie Taymor on THE LION KING musical. Naturally, we couldn’t resist asking him his take on Taymor’s latest Broadway effort SPIDER-MAN: TURN OFF THE DARK, which has had its fair share of controversy, accidents, unhappy actors – and all of this in the preview stage. Here’s what Cahoon had to say … ASSIGNMENT X: You’ve worked with Julie Taymor before on THE LION KING musical, what […]Read On »

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