MARS NEEDS MOMS actor Kevin Cahoon | ©2011 ImageMovers Digital LLC. /Joseph Lederer

MARS NEEDS MOMS actor Kevin Cahoon | ©2011 ImageMovers Digital LLC. /Joseph Lederer

This Friday, actor Kevin Cahoon stars in the new Disney CGI animated films MARS NEEDS MOMS as the Martian sidekick Wingnut.

However, Cahoon is also known for his Broadway work, including his work with Julie Taymor on THE LION KING musical.

Naturally, we couldn’t resist asking him his take on Taymor’s latest Broadway effort SPIDER-MAN: TURN OFF THE DARK, which has had its fair share of controversy, accidents, unhappy actors – and all of this in the preview stage.

Here’s what Cahoon had to say …

ASSIGNMENT X: You’ve worked with Julie Taymor before on THE LION KING musical, what is your take on all this SPIDER-MAN: TURN OF THE DARK musical controversy? We’re isolated from it, because we’re here in Los Angeles. All we perceive it to be is this out-of-control bizarro thing in New York.

KEVIN CAHOON: I think it is the first social network musical in that, that’s how people are communicating now. When something happens in the theater it spreads like wild flowers. People love it and want it. The amount of press this musical has gotten, is far more than any other musical that I can ever remember, and I was in THE LION KING which got a lot of press. I’m so anxious to see it. I haven’t seen it yet, and there are so many brilliant people of pedigree on it between U2 and Julie.

AX: In terms of the whole thing of the show wanting time to work out the kinks before it’s reviewed, how do you feel about that? Is it fair that the show needs that time to work out the kinks in previews?

CAHOON: I think it’s fair because most big Broadway musicals go out of town to Boston, Minneapolis and other cities. They go out of town to work out the kinks and they have three or four months in that city to work it all out and they bring it back to New York with all the kinks worked out and work on some more kinks. This show’s technical aspects didn’t allow it to go out of town anywhere. I feel like it’s fair and I feel people need to sit tight and let them do their work. You don’t want to try the food until it’s cooked. That’s how I feel about it.

AX: But the argument is,  people are paying for the previews at regular prices.

CAHOON: With my experience, with previews, the tickets are ten dollars cheaper than the regular price. Some shows go on the road for a year and work out the kinks before they come to the city. I think it’s warranted. I’m on their side.

(additional reporting by A.C. Ferrante)

CLICK HERE for ASSIGNMENT X’s full interview with Kevin Cahoon chatting about his MARS NEEDS MOMS experience

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