Larry Shagawat, Cindy Busby, Nancy Harding, Sarah Helbringer, Kelly Mulvihill in CROWN PRINCE OF CHRISTMAS | ©2022 Great American Family

Larry Shagawat, Cindy Busby, Nancy Harding, Sarah Helbringer, Kelly Mulvihill in CROWN PRINCE OF CHRISTMAS | ©2022 Great American Family

In CROWN PRINCE OF CHRISTMAS, premiering Sunday December 11 on Great American Family at 8:00pm EST/5:00pm PT, Nancy Harding plays Ruth Little. Ruth owns a crafts store and is the proud mom of three daughters. Two of them are successful and in their 20s, while the third, Madison (Cindy Busby), works at a New York hotel. Although Ruth and the rest of the family wish she’d get over her crippling stage fright and resume her promising singing career.

When Madison introduces Ruth to hotel co-worker Sebastian (Jilon VanOver), Ruth and Madison’s sisters are sure the modest waiter is really the crown prince of Luxenworth in disguise. To make her family happy, Madison gets Sebastian to pretend he is the prince when he accompanies her to the Littles’ Christmas celebration. Madison, of course, is unaware that Sebastian is only pretending to pretend. Meanwhile, Ruth is thrilled to have a real royal in her home.

Harding, originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan, previously worked with CROWN PRINCE OF CHRISTMAS writer-director Anthony C. Ferrante on another holiday film, BEAUS OF HOLLY. Her other credits include THE ALLNIGHTER (which also featured CROWN PRINCE OF CHRISTMAS co-star VanOver), CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN, TALES OF A 5th GRADE ROBIN HOOD, and THE POM POM MURDERS.

In an exclusive interview, Harding talks about making her mother character caring and emphatic without being annoying.

ASSIGNMENT X: How do you balance playing Ruth so that she’s engaged with and excited about what her daughter Madison is doing, but not too pushy?

NANCY HARDING: Ruth loves being a mom and is very much a part of her daughters’ lives. She wants to see Madison happy and fulfilling her singing dreams, so she lovingly encourages her to try-out for the Royal Gala Headline Singer. I wanted to play Ruth as a loving, compassionate, and supportive mom, just like my mom.

AX: In CROWN PRINCE OF CHRISTMAS, your character Ruth owns a crafts shop. Do you like doing crafts in real life?

HARDING: Yes, I love doing crafts. My daughter Hope and I paint rocks with inspirational messages and place them around the neighborhood. We hope they brighten people’s day.

AX: Did you have time to work with any of the other actors – Cindy Busby, the actor playing your husband, the actors playing your other daughters – on the family relationships?

HARDING: My first day on set, I asked my [onscreen] daughters if they’d like to run lines. We immediately hit it off, had lunch together that day and planned an outing to Niagara Falls. Love those girls! I had worked with Cindy Busby in a Servpro Commercial, and I had worked with Jilon VanOver in an indie film, so working with Cindy and Jilon was a reunion. They are incredible actors at the top of their game.

Cindy Busby and Jilon VanOver in CROWN PRINCE OF CHRISTMAS | ©2022 Great American Family

Cindy Busby and Jilon VanOver in CROWN PRINCE OF CHRISTMAS | ©2022 Great American Family

AX: How much preparation did you do to get into the mindset of Ruth and her feelings about Christmas?

HARDING: The minute I booked the role of Ruth, I booked-out with my agents and manager. When you book-out, that means no auditions. I wanted to fully focus on Ruth, her relationships, her motivations, her career, and her love of Christmas.

AX: Do you like Christmas as much as Ruth does?

HARDING: Yes, I love Christmas! Four weeks before Christmas, my family starts lighting our advent candles and counting down the days. It’s not about the gifts, it’s about spending time together.

AX: How do you like working in the romantic comedy genre?

HARDING: I love romcoms, family films and faith-based films. Romantic comedies let viewers get lost in a love story, family films provide an opportunity for families to snuggle on the couch and enjoy a movie together, and faith-based films inspire viewers and give hope.

AX: What would you most like people to know about CROWN PRINCE OF CHRISTMAS?

HARDING: The acting is exceptional. Cindy Busby is absolutely adorable to watch as she juggles her job, co-worker, family and singing passion. CROWN PRINCE OF CHRISTMAS is a Christmas movie, family film and romantic comedy all rolled into one.

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Article:  Exclusive Interview with Nancy Harding on new Christmas movie CROWN PRINCE OF CHRISTMAS


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