CROWN PRINCE OF CHRISTMAS: Actress Nancy Harding on new Christmas movie – Exclusive Interview

Nancy Harding in CROWN PRINCE OF CHRISTMAS | ©2022 Great American Family

In CROWN PRINCE OF CHRISTMAS, premiering Sunday December 11 on Great American Family at 8:00pm EST/5:00pm PT, Nancy Harding plays Ruth Little. Ruth owns a crafts store and is the proud mom of three daughters. Two of them are successful and in their 20s, while the third, Madison (Cindy Busby), works at a New York hotel. Although Ruth and the rest of the family wish she’d get over her crippling stage fright and resume her promising singing career. When Madison introduces Ruth to hotel co-worker Sebastian (Jilon VanOver), Ruth and Madison’s sisters are sure the modest waiter is really the […]Read On »

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