Alexander Calvert as Jack in SUPERNATURAL - Season 13 - "Lost and Found" | © 2017 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved/Dean Buscher

Alexander Calvert as Jack in SUPERNATURAL – Season 13 – “Lost and Found” | © 2017 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved/Dean Buscher

Stars: Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Mark Pellegrino, Alexander Calvert, Samantha Smith, Andrea Menard, Carlena Britch, Ish Morris, Rob Raco, Erika Walter
Writer: Andrew Dabb, series created by Eric Kripke
Director: Phil Sgriccia
Network: The CW, Thursdays @ 8 PM
Original Airdate: October 12, 2017

SUPERNATURAL Season 13’s premiere episode “Lost and Found” starts strong and stays that way. With Jack (Alexander Calvert), the newly-born and already adolescent son of Lucifer, trying to figure out life and Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) arguing over what to do about him, “Lost and Found” might have been a contemplative episode. Then again, throw in a trio of angelic assassins and a couple of very startled humans, and there’s plenty of action to go around, too.

SUPERNATURAL Season 13 begins much as Season 12 ended, with Sam walking into the bedroom in the isolated house where Jack, naked and confused, has taken shelter. “Father?” Jack asks him. Sam is understandably nonplused.

Dean, finally having torn himself away from the dead body of Castiel (Misha Collins), storms in and takes aim at Jack with the can-kill-anything Colt. Sam knocks Dean’s arm as he fires, preventing him from shooting Jack. Jack yells and both Winchesters find themselves floating in the middle of the room, held in place by Jack’s power until they crash into the walls and are knocked unconscious.

Jack walks naked around the lake until he comes across a local fast-food joint, Pirate Pete’s Jolly Treats, where the teenaged staff is setting up for the morning. One of the boys, Clark (Rob Raco), calls his mother, Sheriff Christine Barker (Andrea Menard) and tells her about the strange nude guy.

Two angels, Lily (Erika Walter) and Conrad (Ish Morris) examine Castiel’s corpse in the empty lakeside house. Lily thinks Castiel deserved better than to be stabbed by Lucifer. Conrad thinks Cass got what was coming to him and dismisses Jack’s dead human mother Kelly as a “brood mare.” They are searching for Lucifer’s child.

Driving around and also searching for Jack, Sam and Dean have a traditional Sam and Dean argument, i.e., Sam: “Wait, he seemed nice until you shot at him,” Dean: “Evil! Kill! Kill! Kill!” Both are surprised when Sam goes into Pirate Pete’s and is told, yes, a naked teen was here and he’s now at the sheriff’s station. While Sam is there, an annoying young woman, Miriam (Carlena Britch), keeps demanding fries, then goes up to Dean in the parking lot. Dean’s knuckles are bloodied. Miriam notices Dean’s injury and proceeds to unload a bad college roommate story on him.

Miriam is around for so long that we deduce she’s significant and not just local color. We want her to be an antagonist and not someone helpful, because if she’s a bad guy, she’ll probably be gone soon; if she’s a good guy, she may stick around and she’s mean and obnoxious.

At the sheriff’s station, Barker has dressed Jack in clothes from the lost and found and is gently trying to find out who he is and where he belongs. Jack says his mother is in Heaven and his father is supposed to be here, but isn’t. After trying to get some further information – address, phone number, email – and seeing that Jack has no idea what any of these terms mean, Barker fingerprints Jack and leaves him along with Clark. Clark is impressed with how completely stoned Jack seems to be. Jack says he’s not stoned, he’s … hungry.

Oh, no, will Jack eat Clark? Don’t be silly. When Barker goes looking for her son and their guest, she finds them in the break room. Jack has figured out how to make the vending machine spit out candy just by touching it. He has also figured out that he really likes candy. Before Barker can even get into the mystery of exactly how Jack is making the vending machine give up its bounty, the lights start to flicker. Then Jack hears an excruciating sound. When Barker touches him, Jack accidentally lifts her, holds her midair and then throws her across the room with telekinesis. Something worse might happen, but Sam shows up and tases Jack. Jack crumples and Barker puts both him and Sam in a cell.

Dean confers with Barker. The sheriff is surprisingly receptive to the concept that Dean and Sam kill monsters. Jack’s fingerprints are pretty strange-looking, and of course Barker has just experienced a bit of what Jack can do.

Jack tells Sam he didn’t mean to hurt anyone. He was scared by the loud, angry voices he sometimes hears (we find out later this is angel radio).Sam explains that Jack is a nephilim, the child of a human and an angel. Sam is astonished when Jack says that he thinks Castiel is his father. While Jack was learning to speak English from his mom while in the womb, he heard her tell him that Castiel was an angel and would always be there to protect him. Jack’s mom never said anything about Lucifer, so Jack’s belief makes sense. Sam sadly tells Jack that Castiel is dead. Jack also explains that he became a teen because his mom had told him the world was a dangerous place – Castiel or no Castiel, it wouldn’t be safe to be a baby or a child.

We can surmise that the meta reason for Jack’s age is that the SUPERNATURAL folks felt they’d already done the quickly-growing-baby thing two seasons back with the Darkness/Amara, and also that they wanted another good-looking young man on the show, but the character logic is definitely appreciated.

Miriam shows up at the sheriff’s station. She is an angel, with an angel blade, which she holds to Clark’s throat. Sheriff Barker is horrified. Dean tries to talk Miriam down. Miriam offers to let Clark go if Sheriff Barker will shoot Dean. Miriam is not a Winchester fan.

When she hears Jack is in a cell, Miriam gets impatient and stabs Clark. Barker tends to her injured son while Dean tries battling Miriam. Miriam tells Dean the angels want Jack because he can do practically anything. Reading Dean’s thoughts, Miriam says that, no, Jack can’t resurrect Castiel.

Jack gets an angel radio headache again, rendering him unable to offer help when the other two angels, Lily and Conrad, arrive at the cell. They beat up Sam, but this gives Sam the opportunity to make an anti-angel sigil and blast the two of them away before they can take Jack with them.

Miriam gets to the cell and says if the angels can’t have Jack, nobody can. She stabs Jack in the heart. Sam stabs Miriam with his own anti-angel blade, killing her. Jack pulls Miriam’s angel blade out of his chest. He is completely unharmed.

Clark gets taken away by the paramedics and his sheriff mom goes with him. Evidently, he’ll be all right. Sam thinks he and Dean should bring Jack back to the bunker to help the kid. Dean thinks they should bring Jack back to the bunker because Jack is evil and shouldn’t be loose in the world before they figure out how to kill him.

The group returns to the abandoned house by the lake. Dean wants to burn Castiel’s body. Er, why? Castiel isn’t human, he’s not going to leave a ghost. Sam suggests that maybe God can bring Cass back. He’s done it before, after all. Dean insists that, no, God won’t.

Now we find out how Dean got those bloody knuckles. While Sam was inside the fast-food joint asking about Jack, Dean was out back praying. Well, more like issuing a list of demands for the return of Castiel, Jack’s mother Kelly, Sam and Dean’s mom Mary and even Crowley. Then Dean starts crying and begs. Neither of these attempts to communicate with God seems to have any effect. Dean smashes his fists against the building’s side door.

So Dean is sure Castiel is dead – so sure that he doesn’t even ask Jack to try to resurrect the dead angel. Dean, Sam and Jack stand at Castiel’s funeral pyre. Jack isn’t sure what to say. Sam tells him, “You say thank you, and you’re sorry … You say goodbye.” Dean says goodbye to Castiel and Kelly and Crowley and “Mom.” Dean is sure Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) killed Mary (Samantha Smith) as soon as they were trapped in the alternate dimension together.

No, Lucifer almost kills Mary – but then decides he needs her help. Congratulations, Lucifer, for figuring out that if you’ve got supernatural problems (and really, what other kind would he have), your best bet is to get a Winchester to address them for you.

Ackles depicts seething grief and anguish with conviction, while Padalecki effectively conveys gentle sorrow and a desire to support. Calvert makes Jack initially likable, and the writing gives him some charming moments of meeting the world in terms of examining a water bottle and candy.

Menard is likable as Sheriff Barker. Apart from not knowing the boys, she seems in manner and appearance rather like their pal Sheriff Jody Mills, as played by Kim Rhodes. Maybe it’s too soon to bring Jody into the action, or maybe this is just the show’s default depiction of sensible female sheriffs.

“Lost and Found” is a strong episode in terms of emotion, action and plot movement. Lost characters get their due. We expect an outpouring of grief over Castiel, but it is gratifying that the show also acknowledges that Dean, deep down, will miss Crowley and even Kelly, who we only knew for a season-and-a-half. Will we ever see Chuck/God again? Is Jack going to break bad? Is Dean ever going to accept Jack if Jack turns out to be good? How long is Dean going to stay depressed? We’re made to care about the answers and look forward to how SUPERNATURAL will address them going forward.

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TV Review: SUPERNATURAL – Season 13 – “Lost and Found” – Season Premiere


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