Welcome back to the POP SHOW PODCAST starring Anthony C Ferrante. This week was a skeleton crew on the show since Anthony is off filming SHARKNADO 5, Sonia had a birthday party to attend to (how dare she) and Ryan is still MIA.

So it was left to Christopher Allen Smith (@JettJergens) and myself (@PeterBrownAX) to helm the ship. So we took the time to talk about THE EXPANSE, SyFy’s amazing science fiction show that has just started its second season. This included a really cool visit from Wes Chatham, who plays Amos Burton on THE EXPANSE. Wes took some time from his busy day to chat about the first few episodes from Season 2 and what to look forward to in the coming season in regard to his character, Amos. Loads of good stuff here and if you are an EXPANSE fan, definitely worth checking out.

Wes Chatham stars as Amos on THE EXPANSE | © 2017 Rafy/Syfy

Wes Chatham stars as Amos on THE EXPANSE | © 2017 Rafy/Syfy

Smith is new to the show and binged watch the first season so we have a nice discussion about that as well. It’s all THE EXPANSE all the time on Episode 40 of the POP SHOW. Have a listen, won’t you?

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Article: POP SHOW – Episode 40: Interview with THE EXPANSE star Wes Chatham

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