Welcome back to the POP SHOW PODCAST starring Anthony C. Ferrante. Anthony is out this week on one of his many adventures so instead you get myself and co-hosts of the DORKING OUT PODCAST Sonia Mansfield and Christopher Allen Smith.

We have a lively discussion this week about a possible GAME OF THRONES spinoff that may be a prequel and news that Peter Dinklage may be getting a slot as a character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This transitions into an interesting discussion about how Marvel will expand its universe into new properties and if they need to.

We also discuss the news that LucasFilm says it will not use a CGI version of Carrie Fisher for Episode IX of STAR WARS unlike what was done with Carrie Fisher and Peter Cushing in ROGUE ONE. What does this mean for the last film in the new trilogy? We don’t know! But we discuss it anyway. Lastly, we discuss the Razzies and the 2017 nominees for the worst in Hollywood. Chris has some choice words about the faux-award show and why he doesn’t like it.

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Article: POP SHOW PODCAST – Episode 36: GAME OF THRONES Spinoff and Expanding the Marvel Cinematic Universe 

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