Hey there, dorks. In this week’s episode we review the new western THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN, starring Denzel Washington and Chris Pratt. Is it as good as the original 1960 THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN? Is the 1960 version as good as Akira Kurosawa’s SEVEN SAMURAI from 1954? We talk about that, and the current state of westerns in Hollywood.

In our second segment, we do a status check on two of our favorite shows of all-time THE SIMPSONS and SOUTH PARK. THE SIMPSONS just kicked off its 28th (!) season on Sunday, and “South Park” launched its 20th season two weeks ago.  Are they starting to show their age? Well, one of them is.

In our third segment, we ask the question, “Where have all the good movie themes gone?” Inspired by the video by Every Frame A Painting, we lament the death of recognizable movie themes for our heroes. Indiana Jones, James Bond and Harry Potter all have theme music, but where’s the theme for Captain America, Iron Man and the rest.

All of that, plus our favorite headlines of the week, and Chris shares his “How To Win An Emmy” list. It’s good stuff. You should listen.

We hope you enjoy our dorky podcast. You can listen to us here, or you can find us oniTunes, Stitcher and YouTube.

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Article: DORKING OUT – Episode 14: The Magnificent Simpsons (and South Park) and How To Win An Emmy Redux Edition

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