Malcolm Goodwin and Rose McIver in iZOMBIE - Season 1 - "Dead Rat" | ©2015 The CW/Liane Hentscher

Malcolm Goodwin and Rose McIver in iZOMBIE - Season 1 - "Dead Rat" | ©2015 The CW/Liane Hentscher

In The CW’s iZOMBIE, Tuesdays at 9 PM and renewed for a second season, Rose McIver plays the title character, Liv Moore. Liv has been transformed into one of the living dead by a scratch and now works as a crime-solving morgue assistant.

Malcolm Goodwin plays police detective Clive Babineaux, who seeks out Liv’s help in finding murderers. Clive buys Liv’s line that she’s psychic, unaware that she really gets her information from eating the brains of murder victims. Goodwin was previously a regular on BREAKOUT KINGS; his feature credits include AMERICAN GANGSTER, LEATHERHEADS, MIRACLE AT ST. ANNA and RUN ALL NIGHT.

Goodwin likes the fact that Clive doesn’t know the real story on Liv, as he tells a group of reporters during the CW’s presentation for the Television Critics Association. “I think it’s fun. I like that Clive isn’t in on the whole zombie thing. And I think when she comes up with [makes up] these visions, Clive is just excited for the fact that it helps him solve the cases. I think there’s a lot of fun gags that we play throughout the season. Obviously, the audience knows that, well, she’s eating brains, but I may thinkit’s something else. [When Clive sees what Liv is eating], like, “Wow, that looks delicious,” but I have no idea that it’s brains. So I think we have a lot of fun with that dichotomy.”

When the session ends, Goodwin remains for a little more interrogation about his current job.

ASSIGNMENT X: So did you do any research into being a cop before you started?

MALCOLM GOODWIN: Yeah, actually, I did. I played an officer in a couple of movies, so I’ve done ride-alongs. For this one, I actually read a detective manual that I Googled and I found online. But yeah, that was pretty much in terms of the procedural detective aspect of it, that’s the research that I did, and also just did research on what the characters were based on.

AX: Given that Clive believes he’s dealing with a psychic, is there anything that’s researchable on what detectives do when something is really inexplicable, for instance, relying on a psychic?

GOODWIN: No. I think detectives are real people. They’re humans. And I think there’s a lot of license with Clive, because he’s a rookie. He’s never done this before, so he hasn’t seen it all, so I think that he can have an honest first reaction to seeing something crazy and go, “Whoa!”, versus being on the job for twenty years and maybe not having a big reaction, because he’s seen it already. So there are a lot of things that I get to experience genuinely, because he’s a rookie.

AX: And is there anything else you’d like to say about iZOMBIE?

GOODWIN: I hope everyone watches it. It’s good fun.

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Article: Exclusive Interview with iZOMBIE co-star Malcolm Goodwin



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