Stars: Louie C.K.
Louie C.K.
Louie C.K.
FX, Thursday nights
June 28, 2012

While WILFRED really got a lot of press last year on FX for being strange, groundbreaking, funny and utterly perplexing all rolled up in one, it’s taken three seasons for people to finally discover what a brilliant, unique and bizarre FX show LOUIE is.

I caught a Season 2 episode one night on FX and was totally sucked in. It was suberverive, strange and very funny. And that’s why I was excited to see what comedian Louie C.K. had in store for the Season 3 premiere.

“Something Is Wrong” is typical LOUIE. It starts off with a stand-up routine and then goes into the twisted mind of Louie C.K . who also writes and directs the season premiere.

Like SEINFELD and CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM, the show is about uncomfortable situations and how terribly awkward people try to handle them (and not always well).

In the Season 3 premiere, Louie tries to park his car and can’t figure out what all the weird, cryptic parking signs mean. And then he has utterly baffling conversations with his domineering girlfriend (Gaby Hoffman). Hoffman is so good (and creepy) it’s eerie to watch. And C.K. just sits there playing everything with reaction shots and no dialogue. It’s amazing character work and testament to how good he and the show is.

There are a few other little detours during “Something is Wrong” including Louie getting a motorcycle and crashing, but the show keeps things simple and sweet.

If you haven’t seen LOUIE, check it out. It’s one of the funniest observational comedies around. It’s not beholden to a Broadcast so it has an edgy vibe to it as well. It’s amazing how FX continues to break new ground with their comedy series (ANGER MANAGEMENT not included) and that’s why this one-man-band show like LOUIE fits in so well.


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Article: TV Review – LOUIE – Season 3 – “Something is Wrong” – Season Premiere

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