Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu in ELEMENTARY - Season 1 | ©2012 CBS/Nino Munoz

Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu in ELEMENTARY - Season 1 | ©2012 CBS/Nino Munoz

Stars: Jonny Lee Miller, Lucy Liu, Aidan Quinn
Writer: Robert Doherty
Directors: Michael Cuesta
Network: CBS, airs Thursday nights
Original Telecast: October 27, 2012

While CBS tends to play it safe from its procedurals to its comedies, it’s taken some pretty ambitious chances this season first with the exceptional VEGAS and now with ELEMENTARY.

Both series feel like cable shows and despite having some familiar crime-solving elements, both have proven to be highly original and very entertaining.

ELEMENTARY is an updated Sherlock Holmes story with the former Scotland Yard detective serving as a consultant to the New York police force. Holmes had a bit of a drug problem, but is now clean. However, his rich father has made sure he has someone watching his every move – Dr. Watson (Lucy Liu).

The brilliance of the Holmes character is played to perfection by Miller and he has a pretty interesting foil with the female Watson.

The case, involving, surprise, a pretty woman, is standard fare – it’s how Sherlock solves the case that makes its fascinating.

While we’ve had the Robert Downey feature films and the BBC Benedict Cumberbatch versions floating around, creator Robert Doherty has found a way to have his cake and eat it too. It’s a character piece, but it isn’t hokey and the contemporary setting opens up the wide appeal considerably.

At times Miller’s English accent makes you think you’re watching a British PBS or BBC series – which is a good thing. That said, the show also needs to develop better chemistry between Miller and Liu since it’s the anchor for the series. They’ll get there is the series hangs in there, and for the time being I liked what I saw.

Like VEGAS, I hope the procedural elements don’t overtake the character based elements of the series. ELEMENTARY is a great addition to the CBS line-up and I can’t wait to see how it develops.


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Article:TV Review: ELEMENTARY – Season 1 – “Pilot” – Series Premiere


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  1. The dialog was so fast, we needed to use captions, and those were not complete or thorough. The sound quality was so bad, we had it turned up to maximum, and still could not make out the dialog

  2. I thought it wasn’t bad for a pilot, but it was a totally generic US crime show with totally generic lead characters and I just couldn’t see any reason for calling the leads Holmes and Watson other than to cash in on the BBC!Sherlock hype. They could have been called Jones and Smith and it wouldn’t have changed a thing.

  3. I female Watson concept is hardly a new thing, that’s something that should be known right off the bat. There was a reason that it hasn’t been done in the past twenty years, no one was quite fond of it at the time. Now that doesn’t mean that this may or may not be a hit.
    It’ll be liked, for sure, but a hit? Unlikely. The pilot, if it’s anything to base the rest of the series off, was a smidge too fast paced. I feel like the writers tried to put too many eggs into one basket and tried to make the actors carry it without breaking one egg.
    The series may get better, but if it stays the same, it will have a season or two before it starts to run dry with predictable plots and their twists.
    It receives a total of 3 out of 5 stars from me.


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