Despite strong ratings, Fox is still not committing to a second season of TERRA NOVA yet.

At today’s Fox TCA session, Entertainment President Kevin Reilly says with a smile “we’ve done a good job avoiding some of these big decisions until after these sessions.”

That said, Reilly admits that once again they have a high class problem with so many strong hits, and not enough real estate. Another factor, though not mentioned, is that the net is probably waiting until their midseason dramas TOUCH and ALCATRAZ air to see how they fare before pulling the trigger on anything else.

“It was an exciting bet to take,” says Reilly about TERRA NOVA. “It’s proven it was worthwhile. It’s one of the highest rated shows of the new season. If this is all we produce, we made money on it and the studio made on money on it. It was clearly a conceit that people wanted to watch and they had ample opportunity to reject it. It resonated with the family audience. There’s a show there to bring back and a audience there to access it. If we had big holes [in our schedule], we would lock it in. These are creative conversations that we have to decide very soon, because it does need to get back into production next month.”


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Article: Fox says TERRA NOVA’s fate is still uncertain

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  1. So they give tat like Gossip Girl more series but not Terra Nova… Ok its nor brilliant but it is hard to tell after only 1 series, give it a chance, stop pandering to the stupid…!

    Robert Armstrong
  2. Amazing Serie… if you stop this , you guys are stupid

  3. This is a great series with so much potential. Don’t let it disappear!

  4. Love this series! Yes, the whole family watches it. We watch NOTHING ELSE on Fox! Please keep it! Or let another network pick it up.

  5. We really enjoyed the first season. I would hate to see it cancelled!

  6. Just like most decent sci-fi series that have a small amount of eps, they are pushing it to the side when they shouldn’t. They did this with Firefly and it was a huge mistake. Both have great potential to be so much more.

  7. LOVE this show. Please do not cancel it. I’m getting tired of you guys giving us 1 season of great shows then canceling them.

  8. Please keep the series! Other than football, it’s the only thing I watch on Fox!

  9. This is one of the few shows I’ll actually sit down to watch – just the Walking Dead and Terra Nova – please don’t cancel it!!

    jane doe
  10. I enjoyed the first season very much – would love to see a 2nd season!

  11. I Like Terra Nova and will keep watching it. Keep it on.

  12. Its one of my fav series! You just CANT stop it! :)

  13. Please don’t cancel Terra Nova! I want to see what happens with the colony and what Mira does and what happened to Lucas and what’s out in the Badlands. There’s a lot to go on for another season.

  14. my 10yo son loves this and so do all his friends i,m 52 and hooked as well we hope it gets another season pleeeeease

  15. My 11 yr old son and I Tivo this show and watch it together. Hope they decide to give it another season. It sounds like it has pretty strong ratings so why cancel?

  16. Please keep this show. Love it :-)

  17. Love love love the serie. I like how it is set in the far past and the stories are exciting. I’d like to see more of this serie.

  18. Hey guys Im an american working in Iraq I dont get to watch a whole lot of TV but when I can I watch and I love Terra Nova you need to keep this it could very easly be your Stargate SG1
    and if done right go for sevreal seasons
    the show has a lot of hope for it And just so you Know I bought the First season on DVD and watch over and over .

  19. I live in Serbia and watched it on our Fox. Please make season two, I want to watch this. Very rare and decent series. Give us more stuff like this Oh, and I bought the DVD too :)

    Cheers all :)

  20. my ten year old and all his friends at school love this show we watch terra nova as a family and really look foward to each episode please make more seasons of this wonderful family show

  21. Love the series big time. love the concept n love the location, animations n it make’s me want to be in it. my familey, friends, n office mate’s watch’s TN all the time. Me n my friends have watched TN 3 time in1 month. pls pls pls continue n bring out new episode’s.
    PS. Commander Taylor is cool more like awsome.
    Im from Maldive’s n for a small place like this alot of ppl love TN.

  22. Great show! Loving it. Please bring it back Fox.

  23. TN is great! Keep it coming!

  24. This was a fun and interesting show to watch. Why don’t you bigwig presidents and session groups ask your fan members by mailing a survey. Look at these comments above. You have got something and you want to let it go. Now if you want to ask me you got something with Alcatraz what are you going to do with it. I know Touch has not grown on me which usually happens by the pilot. Just like ABC’s Missing, even it’s Taken tv style. But somebody should have been smacked for dropping Terra Nova…


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