Despite strong ratings, Fox is still not committing to a second season of TERRA NOVA yet.

At today’s Fox TCA session, Entertainment President Kevin Reilly says with a smile “we’ve done a good job avoiding some of these big decisions until after these sessions.”

That said, Reilly admits that once again they have a high class problem with so many strong hits, and not enough real estate. Another factor, though not mentioned, is that the net is probably waiting until their midseason dramas TOUCH and ALCATRAZ air to see how they fare before pulling the trigger on anything else.

“It was an exciting bet to take,” says Reilly about TERRA NOVA. “It’s proven it was worthwhile. It’s one of the highest rated shows of the new season. If this is all we produce, we made money on it and the studio made on money on it. It was clearly a conceit that people wanted to watch and they had ample opportunity to reject it. It resonated with the family audience. There’s a show there to bring back and a audience there to access it. If we had big holes [in our schedule], we would lock it in. These are creative conversations that we have to decide very soon, because it does need to get back into production next month.”


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Article: Fox says TERRA NOVA’s fate is still uncertain

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