After watching THE X FACTOR host Steve Jones struggle throughout the first season, it became quite clear that Ryan Seacrest is a natural when it comes to handling contestants, overruns and political correctness on AMERICAN IDOL.

This was not lost on Fox Entertainment President Kevin Reilly who says that job “is much harder than meets the idea.”

“Everyone has come to value the idea of a Ryan Seacrest,” says Reilly. “It’s a very hard job to do.”

The question is, how much is he worth?

If Fox has it’s way, they definitely want to keep him in the IDOL fold, even as NBC and other suitors are circling for his time as both a producer and as a host (NBC has been dangling the TODAY show at him recently).

“It’s really hard to imagine the [IDOL] show without Ryan,” says Reilly. “We certainly want to keep him. It’s a deal issue. It’s a tough negotiation and one that will come to a conclusion pretty quickly.”


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Article: Fox wants to keep Ryan Seacrest on AMERICAN IDOL


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