For the new HBO faux documentary series LIFE’S TOO SHORT (debuting February 19), Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant have created a comedy centered around Warwick Davis – the little star of STAR WARS: EPISODE IV: RETURN OF THE JEDI (he played Wicket the Ewok), LEPRECHAUN, WILLOW and most recently HARRY POTTER.

“I do talk about about most of the work I’ve done in the series particularly WILLOW comes up a lot,” says Warwick from HBO’s TCA press day. “We did some stuff on LEPRECHAUN. A lot of my body of work I talk about and my career, but WILLOW would probably be the highlight as far as my career goes.”

Of course, part of the joke is downplaying the success he’s had.

“One of the big gags in the series is that he’s not recognized because all his biggest roles, [because] he’s had his face covered up,” explains Gervais. “He’s an Ewok or he’s in a robot or he’s just a voice. And then he goes, ‘I was in WILLOW,’ and they go, ‘I’ve never seen WILLOW.’ So, you know, he doesn’t get anything. He doesn’t get the acclaim.”

Merchant adds, “We had to make Warwick a lot less successful in the show than he is in real life.”

“And a lot more desperate,” Gervais concludes.

(additional reporting by A.C. Ferrante)


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Article: LIFE’S TOO SHORT for star Warwick Davis

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