Ralph tries to enlist in Hero's Duty in WRECK-IT RALPH | ©2012 Walt Disney Pictures

Ralph tries to enlist in Hero's Duty in WRECK-IT RALPH | ©2012 Walt Disney Pictures

John C. Reilly voices the title hero in Disney’s WRECK-IT RALPH. He’s a real-life hero to the press attending the WRECK-IT RALPH premiere, because after every single one of his colleagues has disappeared inside the theatre, Reilly comes back out to make sure that every reporter who has been waiting for a quote gets one. In short, Reilly is the epitome of a class act.

ASSIGNMENT X: Obviously, WRECK-IT RALPH isn’t motion-capture, but did you give the animators any sort of motion reference?

JOHN C. REILLY: No, it’s not motion-capture. That’s like a dirty work at Disney Studios. The animators are like [affronted voice], “Oh, we don’t do motion capture here! Please, we’re artists!” But I did go in and do kind of motion studies for them, where I would act out the character and they would videotape me, so they would have some kind of reference when they were deciding what the guy moved like, they could kind of match it to what I was thinking when I did the voice.

AX: What was your chemistry like with Sarah Silverman, who voices Ralph’s new friend Vanellope?

REILLY: Sarah’s wonderful. Actually, she’s very funny. Everyone knows she’s really funny, I knew she was really funny. We knew each other socially before this. But to me, some of the most surprising stuff that Sarah did was dramatic stuff. We have some pretty intense emotional scenes together in this movie, and in fact the last time I saw the movie, there is this one thing that happens at the end, where she gives me a hug, and I completely burst into tears. I know what’s going to happen, I made the movie, I did the animation, but something about her friendship in the movie – my character and Sarah’s character – is really touching.

AX: Is there anything Wreck-It Ralph does that you wish you could do?

REILLY: Well, I have pretty big hands, but I can’t smash buildings yet. That destructive power is kind of an awesome thing. It’s sort of like a friendly Hulk.

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Article: Interview with WRECK-IT RALPH star John C. Reilly

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