While speaking to a small group of press after the PROMETHEUS panel at Wondercon 2012, screenwriter and producer Damon Lindelof spoke a little bit more in detail about where a PROMETHEUS 2 could go.

It also shed some light on why PROMETHEUS has the “DNA” of the ALIEN films, but isn’t a really a true prequel.

“If ending this movie is going to take you to the room where John Hurt is walking into that room full of eggs, we know where it’s going to end,” says Lindelof and why they didn’t do that? “Real good stories, you don’t know where it’s going to end. The first ALIEN – you don’t want to f*** with that movie. It has to stand on its own.”

As for PROMETHEUS 2, he says it would deviate even further from ALIEN canon.

“If we’re fortunate enough to do a sequel to PROMETHEUS, it will tangentalize even further away from ALIEN,” says Lindelof. “When you go to a concert, you want the Rolling Stones to play ‘Satisfaction.’ So Ridley gives us a little bit of the Spacey Jockey, but he’s also giving us the movie we all want to see.”

PROMETHEUS is in theaters now


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Article: Damon Lindelof talks about what PROMETHEUS 2 could be

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