Michael Trevino and Candice Accola in THE VAMPIRE DIARIES - Season 3 - "Smells Like Teen Spirit" | ©2011 The CW/Bob Mahoney

Michael Trevino and Candice Accola in THE VAMPIRE DIARIES - Season 3 - "Smells Like Teen Spirit" | ©2011 The CW/Bob Mahoney

Stars: Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder
Writer: Julie Plec & Caroline Dries, Based on the book by L.J. Smith
Director: Rob Hardy   
Network: The CW, airs Thursday nights
Original Telecast: October 20, 2010

I am consistently pleased with the way that THE VAMPIRE DIARIES is re-writing its own rules and making all kinds of changes in practically every episode. It seems like every single week the cliff-hanger this season is something completely unexpected and I love that about this show!

“Smells like Teen Spirit” is no exception to the way the show is bending and twisting this season to accommodate new storylines and characters and all kinds of plot developments to keep the audience guessing.

I guess one thing that I didn’t realize, since this episode officially kicks off the characters’ first day of Senior Year of high school, is that the first two seasons of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES took place over the course of one school year and summer. It’s not like BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER where every season represented a new school year, and this actually increases the longevity of the show, keeping Caroline (Candice Accola), Elena (Nina Dobrev), Bonnie (Katerina Graham), and Tyler (Michael Trevino) in High School for at least another season beyond this one.

Following hot on the heels of last week’s episode, Tyler is settling in a little bit too nicely to his new role as Klaus’ (Joseph Morgan) first successful werewolf/vampire hybrid. He’s leaning a bit too much back towards being douche Tyler from the first season and it takes an intervention by Caroline to straighten him back out…but then it seems that everything might be undone with the appearance of Rebecca (Claire Holt) and a tasty teen girl treat for him to kill. It remains to be seen exactly what Tyler’s ‘sire syndrome’ will mean ultimately for his friends.

All kinds of ghost mischief goes down in this episode with Vicki (Kayla Ewell) convincing Matt (Zach Roerig) to bring her across to the physical world through blood magic. Of course once she’s here she reveals that she has to kill Elena to stay since she promised the original witch on the other side to put a stop to Klaus’ army building. As usual Vicki is a great source of irritation and disappointment and I didn’t shed one single tear to see her disappear back to the great beyond from whence she came.

Katherine (Nina Dobrev) spends some quality time with the vampire that hunts other vampires, Michael, in an attempt to get him to respond to blood and wake up. Her needs are simple; she wants him to kill Klaus. His needs are even simpler, he wants to drink Katherine dry and revitalize himself through her blood. So is this the end of her? I hope not! I like Elena, but I love Nina Dobrev when she’s Katherine, just because she is so fun when she’s bad!

The big twist is the return of Tyler’s uncle Mason (Taylor Kinney) tossing Damon (Ian Somerhalder) around like he was nothing. Guess who is Klaus’ number two successful Hybrid kids?


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: TV Review – THE VAMPIRE DIARIES – Season 3 – “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

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  4. I still cannot bileeve that Jeremy is gone. I was crying for 30 minutes after TVD was even off.Damon and Elena did not suprise me at all. I could barely pay attention from thinking about Steven R. McQueen leaving the show. For some reason, Jeremy having to leave hit me hard. I love Steven and I am gonna miss him a lot. If they do kill Alaric I am just going to stop watching the show period. Just kidding. I couldn’t last a week without TVD. I think that Alaric and Damon’s bromance is totally funny. I love it.And Klaus doesn’t scare me at all. He’s lost his evil touch, I think. I just wish Rebakah was going to come back. She was a great addition to the show. But I stil love Klaus and Joseph Morgan. & I think Stefan is doing the right thing but as soon as he is done getting revenge, he needs to turn his emotions back on. Damon is supposed to be the dangerous brother. But I completely love the show so if you don’t agree with me, I am sorry. The Vampire Diaries is by far the best show I have watched.

  5. Love your review, good work. I love the fact that the writers will give us some independent plotlines for Stefan next season, I am really tired of him being a doormat to Elena all the time and lost his own identity. I hope we get more Steferine interaction too, they are FUN to watch! For Delena, I never really like the idea of them being romantically involved. What kind of low person would steal your brother’s girlfriend when he had sacrificed ALL to save your pity a**?! Since we have seen all the Epicness of Stelena in the last two seasons, it would make Elena a cheap Kat 2.0 version if she inappropriately fall for her bf’s brother, no matter how attractive he is!


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