Stars: Malin Ackerman, Lake Bell, Rob Coddry, Erinn Hayes, Rob Huebel, Ken Marino, Megan Mullally, Henry Winkler
Writer: Jason Mantzoukas
Director: Rob Schrab
Network: Adult Swim, airs Thursday nights
Original Telecast: June 9, 2011

What most TV hospital dramas do in one hour, CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL distills into fifteen quality minutes of raunch, laughs and pitch black humor.

“Ward 8” even manages to intercut three major storylines into that timeline too – so it’s pretty impressive indeed.

The A-story follows the return of Detective Chance Briggs (PARKS & RECREATION star Nick Offerman). He was Dr. Owen Maestro’s (Rob Huebel) former police partner before he was a doctor.

Apparently, Briggs needs information from a patient in “Ward 8” – the creepy CHILDREN OF THE CORN-like ward that only opens up twice a day (the rest of the time it’s in lock-down mode). Briggs poses as a kid to get the information and he’s immediately stabbed by a number two pencil when he gets ventures in.

All of these moments inside Ward 8 are hilarious – despite no real pay-off to Briggs’ mission other than to provide inspired silliness.

Meanwhile, Dr. Blake Downs (Rob Coddry) has just lost a patient and has given up on medicine, even, sort of, giving his resignation. Then an old flame from his past returns – Freckles (Sarah Silverman). She has a young clown kid named Binky who is ill and she figures the only one that could save a clown kid, is a clown doctor. By episode’s end, Downs’ faith in the healing power of laughter is restored.

The third story revolves around Dr. Glenn Richie (Ken Marino) who slams his hand in the car door, breaking his fingers, and now has to come to terms that he is handicapped.

All three stories are pretty hilarious. Silverman is very funny and works great off Coddry in her scenes, while it’s always a kick to watch Offerman in ANYTHING. He’s one of the best things about PARKS & RECREATION and he steals the show from everyone here in CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL.

With so much time spent on guest stars, some of the primary cast is lost a bit in this episode, but with only fifteen minutes to spare, who’s complaining? This is one of TV’s funniest new shows and if any genre needed ribbing, it’s the hospital drama – and CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL succeeds with flying, clown colors.

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