Network: Fox
Original Telecast: November 30, 2011

THE X FACTOR did its second week of double eliminations during “The Top 7 Perform – Michael Jackson Tribute Week,” with one person who you expected to be booted off and another who was a complete surprise.

The four people that made it through easily – Chris Rene, Melanie Amaro, Josh Krajcik, Rachel Crow.

Then, came the automatic booting off of Astro. It was finally his time and surprisingly he was grateful, even as he was ushered off the stage (a complete about face from his attitude two weeks ago).

This left Marcus Canty and SURPRISE Drew in the bottom two having to sing for their lives.

After both gave emotional performances (Drew was the better of the two), the judge (except for Simon) decided to boot off Drew.

It was obvious this was an attack on Simon – and another attack on Drew who could have truly taken the prize. She sounded better than Canty, and besides, Canty was in the bottom last week two. Two weeks in a row, means they saved him for one more week and that’s it – next week he’s gone, while Drew, who has been more consistent, deserved a second week.

Drew is yet another victim of both AMERICAN IDOL and now THE X FACTOR where the judges tend to be on attack dog mode to pretty female singers who have unique voices. It happens season after season. This year, Haley Reinhart was crucified by a jealous Jennifer Lopez and criticized beyond the call of duty – while not giving out equal criticisms to other contestants.

Drew faced the same thing from L.A. Reid – bitching about not knowing the songs she’s singing and a clearly envious Nicole Scherzinger (she’ll never be that good) going after Simon for his musical choices for Drew.

Still – it should be about the better voice, the better chance of winning it, which I don’t think Canty can. They wanted to knock another Cowell singer off the show. Cowell did blame himself for not letting Drew loose more, but still, Drew knew the type of singer she is. Astro rapped the same crap every week and no one gave him any criticism about it – they just praised his ulmighty greatness.

That said, it was also  awful watching Drew bawl on stage – I felt really bad for her. It also makes you wonder if the show should open the competition to younger singers who are not just emotionally ready to handle being rejected and needled every week (Astro is solid proof of this).

Next week it’s down to five people – how much you want to make a bet it’s Beatles week, next week.


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Article: TV Review: The X-Factor – SEASON ONE – “The Final 7  Elimination”



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