I say “D’oh” multiple times a day, every day. I say it when I drop something. I say it when I hurt myself. I say it when I’ve done something stupid. I say it when someone else drops something or tells me a story about something stupid they did. Sometimes I say it when I hear a sad story, saying softly, “Oh, d’oh,” with a sympathetic look.

THE SIMPSONS are the most quote-worthy show on TV | &Copy Fox

After years of watching THE SIMPSONS, it is burned in my brain. I’m sure the first time I said it, I thought about it and said it to make someone laugh. Now, more than 20 years later, I say it instinctively. I’m not even thinking of THE SIMPSONS anymore when I say it. It has worked its way into my lexicon, into my everyday conversations.

In my last THE DORK SIDE , I wrote about the movie quotes that we use in our everyday lives. I emailed some friends and asked for their favorite lines. This time, I posed a question on Facebook: “What lines of TV dialogue do you use in your everyday life?”

I was not surprised to learn that almost everyone has SIMPSONS quotes that they use every day, but there were some other notable quotables as well.

  • Whenever I get my paycheck or a holiday bonus or a gift card from someone I always say the same thing, “I’m rich! I’m a happy miser!” which is what Daffy Duck says when he finds all that treasure in LOONEY TUNES’ “Ali Baba Bunny.”
  • “That’s a problem for Future Homer” is what my husband David says from THE SIMPSONS (of course) whenever we wonder whether we should spend the money on something.
  • Whenever she sees something confusing, my friend Jennifer says, “The owls are not what they seem” from TWIN PEAKS.
  • BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER - Season 2 DVD | © 20th Century Fox

    BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER - Season 2 DVD | © 20th Century Fox

    My fabulous friend Katherine is a big BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER fan: “Raise your hand if eww.” Her and her fiance also like to say, “They never just leave. Always gotta say something” from BUFFY whenever they are watching a show where the villain just keeps blathering on rather than making a hasty escape.

  • Jason is a teacher and whenever he wants to swear in front of his students he says, “Gorram” from FIREFLY.
  • My awesomely nerdy friend Bhautik likes to tweak a quote FUTURAMA: “I for one welcome our new [robot] [bus] [feline] [raccoon] overlords.”
  • Chris does a really good Mr. Burns’ impression from THE SIMPSONS: “Exxcellllent”
  • While everyone else is quoting THE SIMPSONS, good buddy Aaron is quoting REN & STIMPY: “Happy, happy, joy, joy!”, “You idiot!” (“with the proper accent,” Aaron notes), and “No sir, I don’t like it.” He also quotes TWIN PEAKS whenever he finds something that is out of place: “There’s a fish in the percolator!”
  • When making plans, my friend Beegs says, “What could possib-lye go wrong?” from the Itchy & Scratchy Island episode of THE SIMPSONS. She also likes to say, “You don’t make friends with salad” when she’s cooking.
  • “How you doin’?” from FRIENDS is Joe’s to-go line at gatherings.
  • My friend Lisa refers to the ever-quotable Ralph from THE SIMPSONS when her kids or husband say something totally off topic: “My cat’s breathe smells like cat food.”
  • Malaika works as a newspaper reporter, which is a pretty stressful gig. Luckily, she can yell, “Serenity now!” from SEINFELD to calm her nerves.
  • Steve Carell in THE OFFICE - Season Seven - "Counseling" | ©2010 NBC/Chris Haston

    Steve Carell in THE OFFICE - Season Seven - "Counseling" | ©2010 NBC/Chris Haston

    I’ve saved the best for last: My friend Sian loves to say, “That’s what she said” from THE OFFICE in every situation. “I can’t get it in there.” “That’s what she said.” “Can I get that with the dressing on the side?” “That’s what she said.” “That’s what she said.” “That’s what SHE said.”

What are your favorite movie quotes that have worked their way into your everyday life? Share them in the comments below or on our Facebook page or send us a tweet.

Sonia Mansfield likes to talk smack, make nerdy STAR WARS references and feed her unhealthy obsession with pop culture. Make sure you follow her on Twitter for constant updates or check out her blog, The Sonia Show.

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