I can’t believe all these people are complaining about the Netflix price hike.

Seriously? You’re losing your damn minds about $6. $6?! Meanwhile, the Republicans are stripping all of us of our health care. Try going to a Planned Parenthood in New Hampshire. Oh wait, you can’t. There still isn’t equal rights in this country for the gays, but yeah, this Netflix thing is a big deal – let’s all freak out.

Come on, people, you can’t get everything for free. You get Google for free. You get Facebook for free. You get Twitter for free. You get YouTube for free. You get Hulu for free. You get hours and hours of entertainment for free. How are companies supposed to stay in business if you are unwilling to pay anything for their services?

You were paying – what – $10 a month for rentals and streaming at Netflix. Now, you will pay about $7.99 for one plan or $15.98 for both per month.

That’s just a little less than what ONE MOVIE in theater will cost you. That’s cheaper than any cable package. Hell, I used to pay more than that in late fees when I rented from a video store back in the day. (Who’s laughing now, Hollywood Video?!)

I’m sorry if you can’t get unlimited streaming movies and movie rentals for next to nothing anymore, you big babies.

Sure, maybe Netflix went about revealing its price hike all wrong. If they had said, “We’re raising prices, but you are going to get more streaming movies and better service,” that might have lessened the angry backlash they’re receiving. Or, maybe people are just whiners who like to bitch about everything. Considering what you get, I think $15.98 is a bargain! Trust me, the people who are complaining the loudest about the $15.98 spend more than that on crap like McDonald’s, Starbucks, Axe Body Spray, etc.

According to various online polls, approximately 41 percent of Netflix users are threatening to cancel.

So, they are not only whiny crybabies but they are liars, too. They aren’t going anywhere. And if they do, well, so long, suckers! Amazon and Hulu don’t have near the streaming selection Netflix does. And have fun at Blockbuster or using Redbox or wherever it is that whiny crybabies go to rent movies. I’ll be at home watching my streaming movies and TV show marathons while you are looking for parking and hoping that your movie isn’t rented out. And hey, don’t forget to get that movie back on time, dum dum.

I think you’ve forgotten how good we’ve got it with Netflix. There’s a reason you joined Netflix and stopped going to Blockbuster or Hollywood Video in the first place. Is a $6 price increase really that big of a deal? I don’t want to be a callous jerk, but if $6 is that big of a deal to you, then I suspect Netflix raising prices isn’t your biggest problem.

Seriously, stop your complaining. You sound like an ***hole.


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Article: Column – The Dork Side takes on the Netflix price hike

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