Joseph Kosinski at the World Premiere of TRON: LEGACY | © 2010 Sue Schneider
Joseph Kosinski at the World Premiere of TRON: LEGACY | © 2010 Sue Schneider

In what is one of the most ambitious Blu-ray releases for a new release, TRON: LEGACY hits stores today in multiple formats, but it’s the 5-disc set that will be the version of choice for fans.

Not only does it come with TRON: LEGACY on Blu-ray, DVD and a digital download as well as the original TRON on Blu-ray, but a fifth disc includes the 3D version of the film for optimum home entertainment viewing. Throw in loads of special features, and it’s going to be the most complete experience of TRON ever.

The story follows Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) getting sucked into the computer world where his long-lost computer guru dad Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) disappeared almost twenty years ago. Now he needs to find him and escape the world of grids, light cycles and the evil Clu (a younger, digital version of Flynn also played by Bridges) who has big, evil plans for these “Users.”

While promoting the Blu-ray, ASSIGNMENT X spoke exclusively with director Joe Kosinski about bringing TRON: LEGACY to Blu-ray and even discovered why he remixed the soundtrack especially for this release.

ASSIGNMENT X: This Blu-ray also has a 3D presentation and a 2D version as well – did you supervise the 3D version on Blu-ray, since this is a new format?

JOE KOSINSKI: I supervised the transfer of all that stuff back when we outputted the film, because we output all the home video versions as well.

AX: The TRON: LEGACY Blu-ray doesn’t have any deleted scenes, was there a reason why?

KOSINSKI: There were very few. I didn’t have a tremendous amount of time to shoot this movie, so I had to be very surgical and really made sure I was shooting stuff I was going to use. There is very little leftover. There are snippets of lines here and there we cut out to speed scenes along, but not enough for us to throw on the disc. Usually deleted scenes are on there for a reason.

TRON: LEGACY poster - Sam Flynn | ©2010 Disney Enterprises
TRON: LEGACY poster – Sam Flynn | ©2010 Disney Enterprises

AX: Is there any line you wish you would have kept in?

KOSINSKI: There are a couple of good lines in the dinner scene when we were trying to shorten that section with Jeff Bridges talking about this wine they had been drinking. He’s been in there for 1,000 years to recreate some semblance of edible food and drink to remind him of the real world. There was some good lines about the wine, but pretty much 98 percent of the film is there on screen.

AX: Where you involved in the FLYNN LIVES special feature?

KOSINSKI: I didn’t actually shoot anything for that, but conceptually, in terms of the mythology, we were definitely involved in that.

AX: Many journalists kept saying TRON: LEGACY wasn’t as successful at the boxoffice as it should have been, but it made a ton of money. As a filmmaker, is it frustrating when there are two totally different perceptions out there in the ether?

KOSINSKI: A little bit. I think it’s a little of the post-AVATAR thing. If you don’t make a billion dollars, people aren’t satisfied. If you look at movies like the recent STAR TREK and BATMAN BEGINS and TWILIGHT – all these big franchise starters we managed to exceed [the boxoffice on] all of those. Personally I couldn’t be happier with where we ended up, not that what it’s all about.

AX: Is there a special feature on the Blu-ray you’re particularly proud of?

KOSINSKI: I got to go back and remix the whole soundtrack in January. So I got to fix all things that bothered me in the mix in the theatrical version. I’m glad we got that out on Blu-ray. I was playing with that Second Screen app, I think it’s cool for people how these things are made to take these scenes back to their storyboard stage to see how much work goes into making something like this happen.

AX: What bothered you with the original mix?

KOSINSKI: Whether it was the mix between the FX and the sound or the timing of the sound FX or missing sound FX, because we didn’t get an effect for each action. We were so crushed for time at the end there. So I was able to go back and do a 110 fixes on the mix. I think people who listen closer are going to notice in some sections, there is a lot more bottom end in the orchestral mixes and some other stuff I tweaked a little bit and I was very happy with it.

AX: Are you involved in the TRON: UPRISING animated series?

KOSINSKI: I am not directly involved in it. Only to the extent that it plays off the visuals of our film. We handed it over to those guys so it would feel cohesive. That is being run by the writers of TRON: LEGACY [Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz] and co-producer Justin Springer. The story is before us. It’s between the two movies.

(additional reporting by A.C. Ferrante)

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  4. Am I alone in being dissapointed at the lack of deleted scenes included with this dvd? Whilst I was watching the movie it really felt like they’d removed large parts of the narrative to make it teenager friendly. I’m thinking of movies like Aliens here. I guess all my friends were right when they told me I was giving the film makers too much credit.


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