TRON LEGACY - Blu-ray | ©2011 Walt Disney Home Entertainment

TRON LEGACY - Blu-ray arrives April 5| ©2011 Walt Disney Home Entertainment

While speaking to director Joe Kosinski about the Blu-ray/DVD release of TRON: LEGACY (which arrives on April 5), ASSIGNMENT X spoke to the helmer about one of his next projects – the reboot of Disney’s 1979 cult classic THE BLACK HOLE.

THE BLACK HOLE is currently being written by a really talented writer named Travis Beacham who wrote the film PACIFIC RIM that Guillermo Del Toro is directing as we speak,” says Kosinski. “With BLACK HOLE, we’re going to be able to take people on a deep space mission to a black hole and it’s going to be fantastic.”

Whereas TRON: LEGACY was a direct sequel, Kosinski says THE BLACK HOLE is a whole different animal.

BLACK HOLE is not going to be a sequel, this is a true reboot,” says the director. “We’re keeping the core concept of what it’s like to go to these things. We know so much more about black holes now and I’m really interested in that hard science angle. You don’t have to make up stuff. The phenomenon that surrounds black holes in terms of the warping of time and space is stuff you dream about. It’s pretty incredible stuff, so we’ll see. We’re going to definitely keep some of those iconic elements of that 1979 film I remembered seeing as a kid and being terrified by some of those elements.”

Kosinski also notes that the ambitions for the original BLACK HOLE can finally be realized with this reboot.

“The original is an odd movie and it’s got one of those crazier endings of any movies I’ve seen and it asks some of this big philosophical questions,” says Kosinski. “They were ambitious. It’s an interesting mish mash of a Disney movie. They were going for  2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY meets STAR WARS, so it will be fun to go back and rethink that.”

(additional reporting by A.C. Ferrante)

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  3. Still better have V.I.N.C.E.N.T and Maximilian!

    • Not only Maximillian the robot (hopefully he’s well preserved in storage) but Maximillian Schell as Dr Reinhardt. I don’t think anyone else could fill that role. I imagine that they could use the same digital techniques to reverse-age him like they did Jeff Bridges for Tron Legacy. I guess it depends on whether or not he’s willing to endure being crushed under a falling screen again. “Maximillian! Help me!”

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  5. I saw Tron: Legacy yesterday, and these are my thoughts.Good movie, it does a good job of paying homage to the original with it’s dark settings and stunning visual effects. My only complaint is that *spoiler* Tron has a very small role in this movie and I would’ve preferred for him to have some more screen time, but aside from that, this is a fun sequel for those who watched the original TRON and are anxious for more.

  6. After watching Tron: Legacy, I realized that there IS a way to create a sequel to the 1979 Black Hole film, which can be centered around the events following after the crew of the Palomino, traveling through the black hole in the probe ship, see a world at the end that might have been another world, NOT the earth. The new film can follow a new ship and crew searching for the Palomino, and among the different tracking devices, V.I.N.C.E.N.T. is what they use to track and find their whereabouts…or at least, what’s left of them. The new crew also discovers that this new world’s sun is on the verge of collapsing into a black hole itself, and they have to leave before that happens, but leaving is not that simple.

    Overall, the next can work as a reboot (updated SF and science knowledge to make it more realistic), then a sequel could deal with the crew after going through the black hole.

    Markus O Negative (R.I.P. Peter 4/14/10)
  7. i feel like they ought to leave well enough alone why make a remake? if you are going to do something like this why not call it “escaping the black hole” when they get done with it ,it wont even be the same anymore .
    thats whats wrong with these folks anymore the isnt any orgianl thing about them they have to make remakes of everything nowadays

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