While it might seem easy, crafting a solid power punk album requires a couple of important ingredients that are often forgotten – namely attitude, angst, crunching guitars and short songs.

This formula is strictly adhered to by Occult Detective Club on CRIMES, which delivers a tight 12 song disc that clocks a little under 30 minutes.

Guitars jangle forcefully on the lead-off track “In Another Life” and segue into one cool track after another with “Our Bitter End” being the strongest, while “Calling the Detectives” provides playful wordplay and toe-tapping fun – “she’s calling the detectives/you’re gonna need an alibi.”

“C’mon Levi” owes a little to the Ramones, while you can definitely feel other influences throughout including The Clash, Green Day, My Chemical Romance and a little Sex Pistols thrown in for good measure.

Yet, for all of the band’s reference points, they’ve created their own unique sound. The playing is tight, the production values stellar and Alx Anguiano’s vocals providing the perfect punk snarl.

CRIMES showcases a band understanding who they are and where they’re going and can only mean this is the beginning of greater things for this young band.

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