Russell T. Davies, the man most directly responsible for the resurrection of the DOCTOR WHO franchise in 2005, was on hand at the Television Critic’s Association to promote his upcoming fourth season of TORCHWOOD, also a WHO connected show. And, of course, ASSIGNMENT X couldn’t resist asking his thoughts on the new DOCTOR WHO series post his exit.



“Of course I love it! Stephen Moffat’s most important role is to get me a DVD before that Saturday of transmission,” says Davies. “This new season it’s going to go out on BBC America on the same day, but I still want the DVD because it won’t have adverts!”

Davies, who was a fan of the show from childhood, has re-discovered his passion for the series and can’t get enough of it.

“I’m loving it, I am absolutely loving it,” Davies says. “This morning before I came to Pasadena I was sitting there reading the DOCTOR WHO Series Companion Part 2 and reading about the cut scenes from ‘The Hungry Earth’, and I thought, ‘What a fan am I?”’Can’t wait for the new series, can’t wait!”

The former WHO showrunner went on to explain that he does have some creative links to the series, since he is in charge of the WHO spin-off THE SARAH JANE ADVENTURES, but he does like to be left in the dark

“I really don’t want to know what’s happening,” he explains. “I have to know some things, because I am still running THE SARAH JANE ADVENTURES, and there’s no specific crossover, but we have to make sure we’re in the same universe. For example I got a call from my agent yesterday about something in DOCTOR WHO, that I’m not going to tell you, but it thrilled me, and I thought God that’s exciting! I have tiny moments of contact, but I don’t want too many of them because I want to sit and watch it like a kid.”

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  2. I love his childlike passion and excitement for the show. If all producers had such passion for their work, television would be a different animal. Great article!

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  4. just a shame he is such a bully and c*ck to the actors around him. No wonder Chris Eccleston (easily the best doctor) walked after the first season..and then we lost Tennant. Not because of the publicly confessed idea he wanted to work else where..but because of the way the man was treated by Russel Davies. He was a bully, condescending to his fellow actors and writers…Davies left? I think you will find he was forced out the door in the end by the BBC.

    Still I hope season 4 is his last..Torchwood could have been so much more…but the constant queer / gayness of it, detracts entirely in the end from SCI FI, no wonder the BBC sold it’s rights off. Sorry.

  5. Jason:

    Uh huh… and you know all this about Davies’ behavior because you were there and saw it all, right?

    To date, the only thing Eccleston has said about the circumstances of his departure was a certain dissatisfaction with the way certain people were treated by certain other people. That’s as specific as he’s gotten; no names were mentioned (and, because Eccleston is a gentleman, probably never will be).

    Also, you “think we’ll find” that Davies was “forced out” by the BBC? Okay, fine. Where will we find that? Under rocks? In some fan forum somewhere? Or, perhaps, somewhere in your brain, in a drawer marked “Unfounded Assumptions?”

    If you have any confirmed source for RTD’s supposed behavior, say so. Otherwise, you’re just being a typical fanboy, repeating second-and-third-hand rumors, half-truths and assumptions. Incidentally, “I read it somewhere” is not proof, and the plural of “anecdote” is not “data.”

    I’m not even going to start in on your obvious homophobia problems. Some stupidities are just too big to bother trying to argue.

  6. Wow Jason. You must work for BBC wales to have such insider knowledge. Color me impressed. (Wink)

    In all the interactions (interviews, commentary, readings, etc.) I’ve seen involving RTD and the people he’s been working with, I never picked up on any animosity or discomfort. Quite the contrary.

    Can’t help feeling your opinion is colored by your own animosity towards the “constant queer/ gayness” you feel he injects in his shows. Funny thing, having been a reader/watcher of SciFi for forty some years, one thing that attracted me to the genre was the thought of how society would evolve and become more accepting and open about all sorts of relationships. Homosexuality, polyandry, inter-raciality treated as common place and accepted with the emphasis on the health of the relationship, not the ‘looks’ of it, that’s what I wanted to see in our future.

    Since i’m sure you are wondering – I’m hetero. I think I empathize with the LGBT Community because I was always the target of bullies myself. Still am. Still fighting back. Still not getting why people like you care about other people’s sexuality. Nor why you insist on shows like “Torchwood” cater to your interests and abandon others. Positive portrayals of homosexuality are so important to LGBT youths. . . You should check out the “It Gets Better” campaign started after that young man took his life at Rutgers. Expand your world a little.

    Martha Francis
  7. Just to add a few of points about Jason’s post of lies about Russell T Davies.

    Firstly, he still works for the BBC, working for BBC Worldwide in the US on Torchwood and for BBC Wales on The Sarah Jane Adventures.

    Secondly, both Eccelston and Tennant had worked with him before they played the Doctor. Eccleston only went for the part because it was Russell writing it. Tennant has said on many ocassions that Russell is brilliant (even comparing to Shakespeare) and that his time on the show was very enjoyable. Eccleston will probably never name names, but if the rumours are correct then he fell out with Phil Collinson and Euros Lyn, not Russell T Davies.

    Lastly, the BBC has not sold the rights to Torchwood, they’ve entered into a co-production deal with Starz to make it. BBC Worldwide are the production company and the BBC retains all broadcast rights except for the US ones. Torchwood will be showing on BBC1 in the UK, as normal. Ownership of the show remains with the BBC.

    • The re-incarnated Doctor Who under Russell Davies is streets ahead of the old veosrin. And that’s 99% due to the writing. Russell is a great writer but my favourite recent(ish) episode is the one about the evil statues and hardly features the Doctor at all, except in a weird time-confusion. Brilliant concept, brilliant writing. I also loved the Madame de Pompadour episode too. I believe they were both written by the guy who’s set to take over as chief writer. Sorry I can’t name him. I’m hopeless at names. In one ear out, the other.

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