TV Review: SPARTACUS: GODS OF THE ARENA – “Paterfamilias”

Manu Bennett in SPARTACUS - GODS OF THE ARENA - "Paterfamilias" |©2011 Starz

Stars: Lucy Lawless, John Hannah, Peter Mensah, Dustin Clare, Jaime Murray Writer: Aaron Helbing & Todd Helbing, Created by Steven S. DeKnight Director: Michael Hurst Network: STARZ, airs Friday nights Original Telecast: February 4th, 2010 At the midpoint of this mini-series, everything really starts to heat up and take new and unexpected turns (and not always for the better). This prequel series to SPARTACUS: BLOOD AND SAND has seen the infancy of the rising of the house of Batiatus, and it seems it is cut short just shy of actual birth in the new episode “Paterfamilia”. Previously Batiatus had cut […]Read On »


Exclusive Interview: John Hannah lords over SPARTACUS: GODS OF THE ARENA

John Hannah in SPARTACUS: GODS OF THE ARENA | ©2011 Starz

In the last episode of Starz’s SPARTACUS: BLOOD AND SAND, Spartacus, played by Andy Whitfield, set the stage for revolt by putting a blade through the throat of gladiator owner Batiatus, played by John Hannah. Hannah, whose credits include the MUMMY films and FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL, understandably thought that his SPARTACUS job was over, but then Whitfield was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Hoping Whitfield would be able to return to work after a year, the SPARTACUS producers decided that instead of doing a conventional second season, they would instead to a prequel, SPARTACUS: GODS OF THE ARENA, showing […]Read On »


Exclusive Interview: Steven S. DeKnight gives the scoop on SPARTACUS Season 2 – Part 3

Antonio Te Maioha, Dustin Clare and Peter Mensah in SPARTACUS : GODS OF THE ARENA | ©2011 Starz

In Part Three of our exclusive interview, SPARTACUS: GODS OF THE ARENA creator/showrunner Steven S. DeKnight talks about what Season Two of SPARTACUS has in store for next year now that Andy Whitfield’s illness will prevent him from no longer shepherding the iconic role (Liam McIntyre will be taking over). The prequel limited series SPARTACUS: GODS OF THE ARENA currently airs Friday nights on Starz. ASSIGNMENT X: What can you tell us about Season Two? STEVEN DeKNIGHT: Most interpretations of SPARTACUS, they break out, and it’s like Robin Hood and his Merry Men. They’re all together and fighting the system. […]Read On »


Exclusive Interview: Steven S. DeKnight leads SPARTACUS: GODS OF THE ARENA – Part 2

SPARTACUS creator and executive producer Steven S. DeKnight | ©2011 Starz

In Part Two of our exclusive interview, SPARTACUS: GODS OF THE ARENA creator/showrunner Steven S. DeKnight talks about casting, nudity, sword fights, working around the illness of leading man Andy Whitfield and more. The limited series airs Friday nights on Starz. ASSIGNMENT X: When you first conceived of doing SPARTACUS, were any of the characters written with any specific performers in mind? DeKNIGHT: No, we figured out the characters and then the actors came in [to audition]. Often we’d have a preconceived idea of who that character is physically, and an actor would come in with a look that we hadn’t […]Read On »



Peter Mensah in SPARTACUS: GODS OF THE ARENA - "Mission" | ©2011 Starz

With first episode of SPARTACUS: GODS OF THE ARENA viewers were transported back five years before the events of SPARTACUS: BLOOD AND SAND. The beginnings of the House of Batiatus seemed shaky at best with the head of the house lacking some of that snake-like quickness to seize on any opportunity with ruthlessness and viciousness. Likewise his wife Lucretia seems to have milk-teeth compared to the shark-sized mouth of razors she ends up using in the original series.


Exclusive Interview: SPARTACUS: GODS OF THE ARENA creator Steven S. DeKnight steps back in the arena – Part 1

Antonio Te Maioha in SPARTACUS - GODS OF THE ARENA | ©2011 Starz

Most TV series have their share of growing pains, but with Starz’s SPARTACUS, the behind the scenes complications have been almost as epic as the onscreen story. Shot in New Zealand with green-screen backgrounds to accommodate the surroundings of ancient Rome, the first season, SPARTACUS: BLOOD AND SAND, starred Andy Whitfield as the title hero in his days as a slave/gladiator. The show was a major hit for Starz in its thirteen-episode run last year, and its ending, with the gladiators rebelling violently against their masters, seemed to set the stage for a Season Two depicting the beginnings of the […]Read On »


TV Review: SPARTACUS: GODS OF THE ARENA – “Past Transgressions”

Dustin Clare in SPARTACUS: GODS OF THE ARENA - Season 1 - "Past Transgressions" | &copy 2011 Starz

The finale of SPARTACUS: BLOOD AND SAND was a vengeance filled slash fest, where characters you loved to hate or hated to love were dispatched by Spartacus and his gladiator army with a fervor seldom seen in even horror movies. When the dust settles pretty much everyone in the House of Batiatus is dead or dying (though we do know now that Lucy Lawless will be returning as Lucretia next season).


Exclusive Interview: Lucy Lawless flashes back to SPARTACUS: GODS OF THE ARENA and the end of her nights at the Roxy Theatre

Lucy Lawless in SPARTACUS - GODS OF THE ARENA | &copy 2011 Starz

With the end of SPARTACUS: BLOOD AND SAND, it looked like the series might be gone indefinitely. The leading man Andy Whitfield was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma and began treatment which put the future of the show in limbo. The series was a huge hit for STARZ, and so it was inevitable that it would return in a new six-episode prequel series SPARTACUS GODS OF THE ARENA which debuts tonight. No longer are characters that you either loved or hated, or loved to hate are lying dead amongst the rubble of the gladiatorial school in this latest incarnation. Lucy Lawless […]Read On »


TCA 2011: (Update) Big News for TORCHWOOD – new title for Season 4 is TORCHWOOD: MIRACLE DAY


At today’s Winter TCA session for Starz, some cool new TORCHWOOD news was announced. According to executive producer and creator Russell T Davies, the new title will be TORCHWOOD: MIRACLE DAY and reveals what the premise will be in Season Four. “The premise is a miracle that happens on earth,” says Davies. “Not a single person on earth, no one dies. The old stay old. No one keeps dying. It’s great news for some people and globally, it’s an instant overnight population boom. The earth relies on people dying. Suddenly you’re affecting everyone on the planet. That’s where our Torchwood […]Read On »


TCA 2011: The new Starz series CAMELOT will have sex and violence

CAMELOT - Season One | ©2011 Starz

At today’s Winter TCA press tour session in Pasadena, CA, CAMELOT executive producer Chris Chibnall spoke about how his take on the King Arthur/Merlin fable  (which debuts on Starz on April 1) will definitely have its share of sex and violence. “I would say this is a drama for adults,” says Chibnall. “We’ve approached it as a drama for adults with characters with complex, conflicting desires. There’s some sex in there. There’s some violence in there. I think it’s its own beast. It’s a show for adults, which is my main thing. It’s not a family thing. There are other […]Read On »

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