AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Recap: “The Finals” – Results Show

Silhouettes, POPLYFE, Nick Cannon, Team iLuminate, Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. are the Final Four for AMERICA'S GOT TALENT - Season 6 | ©2011 NBC/Trae Patton

AMERICA’S GOT TALENT has picked their Final Four! There were no surprises tonight. The four that earned their place, got their place in the finals. No upsets. No tragedies. Just pure and just. Four acts will move onto the finals next week and one will be reigned season six champion on AGT next Wednesday night. The first to be cut from the show was Smage Bros. Riding Show, mistakes were made – prices were paid. Miami All-Stars and Lys Agnes, both of whom had disappointing performances last night, were next to go. It was no big surprise when Team Iluminate […]Read On »


TV Review: AMERICA’S GOT TALENT – Season 6 – “The Finals”

West Springfield Dance Team performs on AMERICA'S GOT TALENT - Season 6 - "The Finals" | ©2011 NBC/Trae Patton

The finals for AMERICA’S GOT TALENT  have begun! Ten acts performed on AGT tonight hoping to fill the four slots that will move on to the season finale next week. Those four will have a chance at one million dollars and a head lining show in Las Vegas. That winner will be announced next week on Wednesday September 14th. First, which four will get their shot at the ultimate award? Shockingly, Piers Morgan could not contain himself from slapping down on the red buzzer even in the finals! His expectations are high for the finals and he wont let anyone […]Read On »


AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Recap: “Semi-Finals – Round 2” – Results Show

Landau Eugene Murphy, J. and Anna Graceman move on in AMERICA'S GOT TALENT - Season 6 - Semi-Finals - Round 2 Results Show | ©2011 NBC/Lewis Jacobs

That’s it! No more tryouts. No more wild cards. No more You Tube acts. And no more dragging it out NBC, AMERICA’S GOT TALENT’s final ten have been picked and will compete against each other starting next week. Yes, there were many great acts to choose from and yes, it was a very difficult choice to make, but I managed to pick all five last night that made the cut. Why? Well, it really is simple to figure – which acts have lasting power and which have or ultimately will run out of steam? First easily making the cut was […]Read On »


TV Review and Recap: AMERICA’S GOT TALENT – Season 6 – “Semi-Finals – Round 2”

Anna Graceman in AMERICA'S GOT TALENT - Season 6 - Semi-Finals - Round 2 | ©2011 NBC/Lewis Jacobs

Round Two of AMERICA’S GOT TALENT’s semi-finals is complete! Twelve acts performed on AGT tonight hoping to join the five acts who have already made it to the finals. Five more will go through tomorrow night and the final ten will compete in the finals. Piers Morgan, as always, didn’t hesitate to use his buzzer at the slightest moment of discouragement. Morgan buzzed Gymkana, Summerwind Skippers and Steven Retchless. Two out of the three made mistakes in their acts and let’s face it, in the semi-finals that’s unforgivable. Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel, who always seems dismayed at Morgan’s quick […]Read On »


AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Recap: “Semi-Finals – Round 1” – Results Show

West Springfield Dance Team on AMERICA'S GOT TALENT - Season 6 - "Semi-Finals Round 1 - Results Show" | ©2011 NBC/Trae Patton

It was no surprise when it was announced that front runner Team Iluminate was bound for the finals tonight on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT. The rest of the choices were a bit trickier, although, yours truly managed to pick nearly every one of them – so sorry to see Daniel Joseph Baker leave. Still, those that left the stage weren’t without talent and merit. Zuma Zuma and their amazingly bendable performance deserve to have a place to bend somewhere. However, I’m not sure Sandou Trio Russian Bar still has that option after an incredibly disappointing performance last night. Bicyclist stunt performer […]Read On »


AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Recap: Season 6 – “Semi-Finals – Round 1”

Lys Agnes on AMERICA'S GOT TALENT - Season 6 - "Semi-Finals - Round 1" | ©2011 NBC/Trae Patton

Finally, the Season 6 AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Semi Finals are here! Twelve acts performed on AGT tonight hoping for a shot at the finals. Five will go through tomorrow night and for the other seven the journey comes to an end for good. Most of the acts stepped it up and deemed themselves worthy of their semi finals placement. However, others botched it completely. In particular, Sandou Trio Russian Bar went way off the deep end with their act and practically threw away their chances of moving on in the competition. What were they thinking? They got to the semi […]Read On »


AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Recap: Wild Card Results Show

Colbie Caillat performs on AMERICA'S GOT TALENT - Season 6 - Wild Card Round eliminations| ©2011 NBC/Trae Patton

Judge Piers Morgan couldn’t be smugger tonight on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT. Three out of the four acts picked to move on to the AGT semi-finals were his Wild Card picks. Only one was Sharon Osbourne’s and that leaves none for Howie Mandel. Morgan gained massive bragging rights while four more acts won the chance to compete next week for the title of AMERICA’S GOT TALENT season six champ. First to make it to the semi finals was West Springfield Dance Team which took out Shevonne and Yellow Designs Stunt Team. Les Miserable performed for the audience while we waited for […]Read On »


AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Recap: You Tube Special Results Show

Rebecca Black performs her hit "Friday" on AMERICA'S GOT TALENT - Season 6 - "You Tube Picks" | ©2011 NBC/Chris Haston

The producers of AMERICA’S GOT TALENT should be farmers because boy do they know how to milk it! Instead of continuing on with the semi finals from the contestants we’ve watched in the last six weeks, they have interrupted that contest for another contest … a You Tube one! That’s right this week was AGT- YOU TUBE SPECIAL with acts who were picked off the internet and plopped up on stage to perform, some for the very first time in front of an live audience. There’s a difference between what you’ll watch at all hours of the night desperate for […]Read On »


AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Recap: Fourth Hollywood Quarter-Finals eliminations

Team iLuminate on AMERICA'S GOT TALENT - Season 6 - Hollywood Quarter-Finals Week 4 | ©2011 NBC/Trae Patton

Three out of the four acts picked tonight on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Quarter-Finals – Hollywood Week 4 were no big surprise. Team Illuminate, Fatally Unique and Zuma Zuma were as sure a thing as anything can be. What was surprising was that Yellow Designs Stunt Team didn’t make it and comedian Melissa Villasenor did make it. Ousted were the death defying artist Frank Miles, singer Taylor Davis and the Chipettes sounding Avery and the Calico Hearts. Highlights included a funny segment about Howie Mandel running around before the show making wise with the crew and tormenting his co-hosts Sharon Osbourne […]Read On »


TV Review & Recap: AMERICA’S GOT TALENT – Season 6 – “Hollywood Quarter-Finals” – Week 4

Zuma Zuma perform on AMERICA'S GOT TALENT - Season 6 - Quarter Finals - Hollywood Week 4 | ©2011 NBC/Trae Patton

The next twelve performed on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT tonight hoping for that coveted chance to go to the sixth season semi-finals. A few brought their “A” game and some forgot to bring anything! The competition is heating up. This might be the hardest group to predict who is going through and who is going home. Most stepped up their acts, only a few faltered. It will be interesting to see what America chose as their top three, remember the judges get a pick as well. Shockingly Piers Morgan only buzzed three acts as opposed to his usual four. More shocking […]Read On »

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