CD Review: THE GREAT INVISIBLE soundtrack

THE GREAT INVISIBLE soundtrack | ©2014 Lakeshore Records

Ry Cooder’s ethereal scores merged country-folk guitar with blues rhythms, harmonica joining with rural percussion and eerie atmospheres of synths and metal to create such enticingly regional scores as SOUTHERN COMFORT, THE LONG RIDERS and PARIS, TEXAS – a landmark, often Tex-Med groove that has since been exceptionally taken up by David Wingo in such transfixing Southern Gothic scores asMUD and JOE. While Wingo has put his own melodic stamp on characters inhabiting the deep woods, the composer now chronicles the real deal as he plays one of the most catastrophic events to hit the Gulf of Mexico in the […]Read On »


CD Review: JOE soundtrack

JOE soundtrack | ©2014 Milan Records

It might be said that David Wingo’s winning, southern-fried soundtrack for MUD was akin to an artily existential take on Charles Bernstein’s South-ploitation score for WHITE LIGHTNING. But now Wingo ventures once again into the land of valiant, and villainous rednecks with nary a rustic instrumentation in earshot for JOE. Joined by director David Gordon Green’s frequent composer Jeff McIlwain (SNOW ANGELS, THE SITTER), this duo instead hear the dark brew of ambient trouble growing to a boil inside of Nicholas Cage’s ex-con turned reluctant hero. It’s a palpable, unsetting atmosphere of dread that could just as easily serve as […]Read On »


CD Review: MUD soundtrack

MUD soundtrack | ©2013 Lakeshore Records

The poetic byways of American Gothic have proven to be musical streets of gold for David Wingo, particularly when casting an ethereal, acoustical spell from the urban youth of “George Washington” to the complicated small town relationships of ALL THE REAL GIRLS and SNOW ANGELS to the travelling musical salesmen employed by THE GREAT WORLD OF SOUND. One especially promising filmmaker to explore such avenues is Jeff Nichols, whose TWILIGHT ZONE-ish fable TAKE SHELTER allowed Wingo to compose a beautifully strange score for one man’s seeming mental breakdown amidst his farming community. Now Nichols takes another affectively unique rural turn […]Read On »


CD Review: TAKE SHELTER soundtrack

TAKE SHELTER soundtrack | ©2011 Milan Records

It’s the end of the world as we know it, but one with more of a tantalizing musical whisper than an overwrought bang. For while TAKE SHELTER’s stormy doom might promise an orchestral apocalypse, its catastrophe is filtered through the creepy visions of a man doubting his own sanity, making this a disaster movie of the mind, as opposed to the Irwin Allen kind. It’s a relative lack of spectacle and budget that also opens up intriguing musical visions from composer David Wingo. Just as he provided the evocative soundtracks for such character-driven Indies as ALL THE REAL GIRLS and […]Read On »

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