CD Review: I WAS A TEENAGE WEREBEAR soundtrack

I WAS A TEENAGE WEREBEAR soundtrack | ©2012 Buysoundtrax Records

First there was a CHILLERAMA album dedicated to Bear McCreary’s shit-kicking score for the ZOM-B MOVIE segment. Now Buysoundtrax continues the love for this Troma-esque drive-in goof by going from the funkily scatological to the absolutely gay 50’s tunes of I WAS A TEENAGE WEREBEAR. Director and co-songwriter Tim Sullivan goes for a LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS meets GREASE vibe, as put through the ROCKY HORROR raunchy double entendre wringer for this teenage coming out tale that would likely have made Michael Landon blush. Yet WEREBEAR‘s tunes are far more cute fun than anything else, with numbers like “Love Bit […]Read On »



ZOM-B MOVIE soundtrack | ©2011 Buysoundtrax

Though he’s done a crazed job on the hellbilly scores of the REST STOP films and WRONG TURN 2, Bear McCreary’s zanier supernatural tastes have been held in check to the point of brain dead-ness by the muted tone of the inexplicably popular WALKING DEAD series (a show whose initial promise has admittedly kept me in slave-like thrall). Thankfully, the composer’s creative horror-scoring shackles were finally ripped off of this year for ZOM-B MOVIE music that makes for the wrap-around segments, and climactic gore-a-thon of the drive-in horror spoof  CHILLERAMA (check it out on Netflix instant). It’s a musical mash […]Read On »


Exclusive Photos from the CHILLERAMA World Premiere

Doug Jones at the World Premiere of CHILLERAMA | ©2011 Sue Schneider

Image Entertainment, in conjunction with co-sponsor FEARnet held the World Premiere of CHILLERAMA recently at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Hollywood. Fans and stars sat on blankets on the Douglas Fairbanks lawn to watch the movie on the walls of the Mausoleum. It was nice night and you can be sure that the sprits of people buried at Hollywood Cemetery were watching too! Walking the red carpet many stars from the Horror genre showed, which included: Kristina Klebe, Derek Mears, Kane Hodder, Florian Klein, Tyler Mane, R.A. Mihailoff, Doug Jones, Kyle Morris, Chris Staviski, Tom Holland, A.J. Bowen, Joanna Angel, […]Read On »

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