Rating: R Stars: Tilda Swinton, Idris Elba Writers: George Miller & Augusta Gore, based on the short story “The Djinn in the Nightingale’s Eye” Director: George Miller Distributor: M-G-M Release Date: August 26, 2022 THREE THOUSAND YEARS OF LONGING is the first feature George Miller has directed and co-written since 2015’s MAD MAX: FURY ROAD. Apart from both being terrific and having a lot of desert imagery, the two films could hardly be more different. Where MAD MAX: FURY ROAD is full of practical action in the service of a straightforward story, THREE THOUSAND YEARS OF LONGING is fantastical, with […]Read On »


Movie Review: FALL

Fall movie poster

Rating: PG-13 Stars: Grace Caroline Currey, Virginia Gardner, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Mason Gooding Writers: Jonathan Frank & Scott Mann Director: Scott Mann Distributor: Lionsgate Release Date: August 12, 2022 FALL is a word with several meanings. Here, it is not seasonal, but rather what can happen to climbers. For acrophobic viewers who want to be scared to death, this may be movie nirvana. A prologue introduces us to the twenty-something trio of Becky (Grace Caroline Currey), her husband Dan (Mason Gooding), and their best friend, Shiloh Hunter (Virginia Gardner). All three are climbing enthusiasts, currently scaling an almost sheer rock […]Read On »


Movie Review: MANEATER

MANEATER movie poster | ©2022 Saban Films

Rating: R Stars: Nicky Whelan, Trace Adkins, Jeff Fahey, Shane West, Porscha Coleman, Ed Morrone, Branscombe Whitman, Zoe Cipres, Kim DeLonghi, Kelly Reiter, Alex Farnham Writer: Justin Lee Director: Justin Lee Distributor:   Saban Films Release Date: August 26, 2022 MANEATER boasts a good cast, great gore effects, the scenery of Maui, and the basis of a decent premise. Unfortunately, it has problems with its shark footage. Given the title, this is a significant drawback. Harlan (Trace Adkins) is an island fisherman. He is furious when his teen daughter is killed in an apparent shark attack and the local police […]Read On »



ORPHAN: FIRST KILL | ©2022 Paramount Players

Stars: Isabelle Fuhrman, Julia Stiles, Rossif Sutherland, Hiro Kanagawa, Matthew Finlan, Gwendolyn Collins Writer: David Coggeshall, story by Alex Mace and David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick Director: William Brent Bell Distributor: Paramount Players Release Date: August 19, 2022 ORPHAN: FIRST KILL has a title that seems a bit of a misnomer. By the time we meet, or rather are reacquainted with, Lena/Esther (Isabelle Fuhrman), she seems to have already racked up a body count. For those unfamiliar with “Esther,” she is the title character in 2009’s ORPHAN. The new ORPHAN: FIRST KILL is a prequel to that. ORPHAN: FIRST KILL begins at […]Read On »


Movie Review: GLORIOUS

GLORIOUS Movie Poster | ©2022 Shudder

Rating: Not Rated Stars: Ryan Kwanten, J.K. Simmons, Sylvia Grace Crim, André Lamar, Tordy Clark Writers: Joshua Hull and David Ian McKendry, story by Todd Rigney Director: Rebekah McKendry Distributor: Shudder Release Date: August 18, 2022 For a while, GLORIOUS seems like it may be priming us for a cosmic horror dirty joke. After all, the fate of the universe hinges on action largely set in the men’s room of a rest stop. To the great credit of director Rebekah McKendry, screenwriters Joshua Hull and David Ian McKendry, working from a story by Todd Rigney, and lead actors Ryan Kwanten […]Read On »


Movie Review: OF THE DEVIL

OF THE DEVIL Movie Poster | ©2022 Uncork’d Entertainment

Rating: Not Rated Stars: Jonathan Stoddard, Dani Palavecino, Lucas Sequeira, Robert LaSardo, Vernon Wells, Devanny Pinn, Eileen Dietz, Roslyn Gentle, Vicki Gunvalson, Annabel Barrett, Tarina Pouncy, Colin Koth, Lauren Louis, Clint Carney, Kelton Jones Writer: Kelton Jones, story by James Cullen Bressack Director: Kelton Jones Distributor: Uncork’d Entertainment Release Date: August 9, 2022 OF THE DEVIL is less than the sum of its initially intriguing parts. The more its tale of a malevolent force progresses, the more we start questioning how it’s all meant to fit together. At the outset, we see people partying. A young woman is lured downstairs, […]Read On »


Movie Review: CAMPING TRIP

CAMPING TRIP poster | ©2022 Fuica Film Pictures/8Cube

Rating: Not Rated Stars: Leo Zola, Caitlin Cameron, Alex Gravenstein, Hannah Forest Briand, Jonathan Vanderzon, Ben Pelletier, Michael D’Amico Writer: Leonardo Fuica Directors: The Fuica Brothers (Demian Fuica & Leonardo Fuica) Distributor: Fuica Film Pictures / 8Cube Release Date: August 16, 2022 CAMPING TRIP may best be viewed as a time capsule. Set at the end of the first COVID-19 lockdown in 2020 (a title card helpfully tells us this at the start), it gives us characters who are wondering about everything from when to mask up to whether their lives will ever go back to “normal,” and what “normal” […]Read On »



THE DEAD GIRL IN APARTMENT 03 | ©2022 Wild Eye Releasing

Rating: Not Rated Stars: Laura Dooling, Frank Wihbey, Bryan Manley Davis, Michael Schantz, Adrienne King Writer: Kurtis M. Spieler Director: Kurtis M. Spieler Distributor: Wild Eye Releasing Release Date: August 9, 2022 THE DEAD GIRL IN APARTMENT 03 feels a little like one of those movie-of-the-week horror films that used to crop up on network television in the 1970s. It has a small cast, contained sets, a short running time of 72 minutes, and the sort of plot twists that were terrifying way back when. Indeed, apart from the use of mobile phones and more sophisticated makeup effects, THE DEAD […]Read On »


Movie Review: BULLET TRAIN

BULLET TRAIN Movie Poster | ©2022 Sony Pictures

Rating: R Stars: Brad Pitt, Joey King, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Brian Tyree Henry, Andrew Koji, Hiroyuki Sanada, Michael Shannon, Benito A Martinez Ocasio, Sandra Bullock, Logan Lerman Writer: Zak Olkewicz, based on the novel MARIA BEETLE by Kotaro Isaka Director: David Leitch Distributor: Columbia/Sony Release Date: August 5, 2022 BULLET TRAIN moves like its namesake, increasing in velocity until the film seems to be going at two hundred miles an hour. The screenplay by Zak Olkewicz, adapted from Kotaro Isaka’s novel MARIA BEETLE, takes pains to explain things (often more than once), but it’s wise to hang on tight to the […]Read On »



BODIES BODIES BODIES movie poster | ©2022 A24

Rating: R Stars: Amandla Stenberg, Maria Bakalova, Myha’la Herrold, Rachel Sennott, Chase Sui Wonders, Pete Davidson, Lee Pace Writer: Sarah DeLappe, story by Kristen Roupenian Director: Halina Reijn Distributor: A24 Release Date: August 5, 2022 In the film BODIES BODIES BODIES, there’s a game called “Bodies Bodies Bodies.” We are told it’s essentially the same as “Werewolf.” Pieces of paper are handed out. One secretly designates the killer. The lights are turned off, the killer selects a victim, who must lay down and keep quiet. When the “corpse” is found, the finder exclaims, “Bodies bodies bodies!” When the lights are […]Read On »

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