TCA 2011: LIE TO ME still on bubble for renewal

© 2010 Fox/photo: Mathieu Young | Tim Roth in LIE TO ME - Season Three

Although LIE TO ME, which stars Tim Roth, has been a solid performer by Fox, it’s fate is still on the bubble according to Fox Entertainment President Kevin Reilly. “I like to believe there’s more upside to LIE TO ME,” he said while speaking at today’s Fox Winter TCA tour in Pasadena, CA. “It’s delivered a very loyal audience. When we stumbled with LONE STAR, it came in cold [into the Monday night timeslot].” The big problem, according to Reilly, is the wealth of good material on the network and the lack of time slots moving into the fall. “We […]Read On »


TCA 2011: Could HOUSE and BONES not be renewed for next season?

Hugh Laurie in HOUSE - Season Seven | ©2010 Fox Broadcasting Co./ Justin Stephens

Okay. So the sky isn’t falling … just yet, but at today’s Fox Winter TCA tour in Pasadena, CA, Fox Entertainment President Kevin Reilly admitted that the reason why HOUSE and BONES haven’t been renewed for next season comes down to contract negotiations. “Both shows are creatively important to us,” Reilly says. “I anticipate both will be back. We want them both. It’s more about ‘can we make a deal.’”


TCA 2011: Fox says don’t write “eulogy” for FRINGE on Fridays

Blair Brown and Joshua Jackson in FRINGE - Season Three - "Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep" | ©2010 Fox/Liane Hentscher

Much has been said about the move of FRINGE to Friday nights on Fox, but at today’s Winter TCA press tour in Pasadena, CA,  Fox Entertainment President Kevin Reilly says, “I beg you to not write the eulogy.” “It’s a show we’re passionate about,” says Reilly. “It’s a show we’re passionate about. Friday is a troubled night. Contrary to performance we had on that night, it’s not a free night for us. We’re continually looking for the solution to the night. We were happy to see it show up on a number of top ten lists. It’s like a mini-movie […]Read On »


TCA 2011: Jennifer Lopez explains why she wanted to be an AMERICAN IDOL judge

Jennifer Lopez in AMERICAN IDOL - Season 10 | ©2011 Fox/Tony Duran

What would provoke Jennifer Lopez to join the AMERICAN IDOL judging panel with Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler in its 10th Season? How about helping others? While speaking at today’s Fox Winter TCA tour in Pasadena, CA, Lopez admits she wanted to help up and comers. “In this business where I’ve learned a lot of things, I thought about where else I could put [this experience] to good use and help other artists,” Lopez admits. “We’re not here to break people down, we’re here to help kids move through it. At the end of the day, America is voting. We’re […]Read On »


TCA 2011: Randy Jackson says AMERICAN IDOL judging panel will be very different

Ryan Seacrest, Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson in AMERICAN IDOL - Season 10 | ©2011 Fox/Tony Duran

While speaking at today’s Fox Winter TCA tour in Pasadena, CA, the AMERICAN IDOL judges and executive producers spoke about what Season 10 will be like. The big question, judge Randy Jackson says, has been who of the judges (Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and himself) are going to be the mean one like former judge Simon Cowell. “I’ve heard a lot of talk of who is going to be the tough one or the mean one,” says Jackson. “You still hear that from all three of us. We give them a full read. If it’s terrible, it’s terrible.” Jackson says […]Read On »


Fox’s new series THE CHICAGO CODE changed its title because the show changed

Jason Clarke, Jennifer Beals and Matt Lauria in THE CHICAGO CODE - Season One | ©2010 Fox Broadcasting Co./Justin Stephens

While speaking at today’s Winter TCA tour in Pasadena, CA, Fox’s THE CHICAGO CODE creator and executive producer Shawn Ryan reveals that the original concept of the show changed dramatically from when the pilot was picked up. “I wanted it to be about more than police officers,” he admits. “It became much more than I originally intended.” The original concept revolved around police officers on ridealongs, and through further development it became a multi-layered story about cops who are fighting crime and corruption in the city of Chicago. This also resulted in the re-titling of the series from RIDEALONG to […]Read On »


TCA 2011: ABC’s OFF THE MAP used LOST ending to its advantage

Martin Henderson in OFF THE MAP - Season One | ©2011 ABC/Bob D'Amico

What happened when LOST ended its run in Hawaii? ABC utilized the infra-structure to launch its new medical show OFF THE MAP there. “The genesis for the idea came just as LOST was ending,” explains creator Jenna Bans who executive produces the show with Shondra Rhimes. “So many areas in [Hawaii] could double for South America.” In terms of how different it will be from ABC’s other medical shows executive produced by Rhimes (GREY’S ANATOMY, PRIVATE PRACTICE) is it’s location. “What makes this show different from other medical shows on TV – these characters are not at the top of […]Read On »


TCA 2011: PHINEAS AND FERB feature film in the works at Disney

PHINEAS AND FERB - "Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation" | ©2010 Disney Channel

Big news for PHINEAS AND FERB fans. At today’s Winter TCA press tour in Pasadena, CA, Gary Marsh, President of Entertainment and Chief Creative officer of Disney Channel Worldwide revealed that a PHINEAS AND FERB theatrical feature film is being developed at Walt Disney Studios. “This is in the early stages, but [Walt Disney Pictures is developing a] theatrical feature,” says Marsh. “It will be live action and animation and will also involve the creators Jeff “Swampy” Marsh and Dan Povenmire.” This is on the heels of PHINEAS AND FERB being the most successful animated series for Tweens three years […]Read On »


TCA 2011: Why ABC thinks SKATING WITH THE STARS failed

Brooke Castile, Jonny Moseley in SKATING WITH THE STARS - Season One | ©2011 ABC/Adam Larkey

At today’s Winter TCA 2011 press tour, ABC Entertainment Group President Paul Lee revealed what he thinks went wrong with the ratings bomb of SKATING WITH THE STARS. Part of the problem: airing it right after a great season of DANCING WITH THE STARS. “Not everything works, but [the shows] were probably too similar,” he admits. “If you had just finished an absolutely brilliant novel, you don’t want to start another one that night. The DNA was really too close together. We have this fabulous, culturally defining show, we would like to extend. We did take aa [time-out] with WIPEOUT […]Read On »


TCA 2011: ABC talks about Wednesday’s forthcoming three-hour comedy block

ABC logo

At today’s Winter TCA 2011 press tour, ABC Entertainment Group President Paul Lee spoke about the decision to program a three-hour comedy block on Wednesday night, with the addition of new comedies HAPPY ENDINGS and MR. SUNSHINE starring Matthew Perry paired up with its already solid performers of THE MIDDLE, BETTER WITH YOU, MODERN FAMILY and COUGAR TOWN. “It’s certainly a risk,” admits Lee. “There is an appetite for comedies. Do audiences have an appetite of comedy at 10:00 pm? Yes, we know that’s true. It’s certainly a risk. We thought that HAPPY ENDINGS, which is an adult show, had […]Read On »

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