QUEENS: Executive producer Vanessa Berlowitz and showrunner Chloe Sarosh talk about shaping the new docuseries

An African elephant calf walks amongst the herd in QUEENS | ©2024 National Geographic / Robbie Harman

The seven-part nature documentary series QUEENS is now streaming in its entirety on both National Geographic and Disney+. Narrated by Angela Bassett, each episode focuses on matriarchal animal societies in different environments. QUEENS is also primarily made by women filmmakers. Executive producer Vanessa Berlowitz has been with QUEENS since its inception; Chloë Sarosh is the showrunner and a writer on the project. Berlowitz, an Emmy winner for FROZEN PLANET, co-founded Wildstar Films after working with the BBC’s Natural History Unit for twenty-five years. Sarosh has been a producer on other docuseries, including EARTH FROM SPACE and NATURE’S WEIRDEST EVENTS. During […]Read On »


RESIDENT ALIEN: Actress Sara Tomko on Season 3 – Exclusive Interview

Sara Tomko as Asta Twelvetrees in RESIDENT ALIEN - Season 3 | ©2024 Syfy/Brendan Meadows

On RESIDENT ALIEN, now in its third season Wednesday nights on Syfy and streaming on Peacock, with previous seasons streaming on Netflix, Sara Tomko plays Asta Twelvetrees. Asta is a nurse at a medical clinic in the small town of Patience, Colorado. In the first season, Asta discovered that her boss, Dr. Harry Vanderspiegle (Alan Tudyk), is actually an extraterrestrial who has just assumed the features and identity of the real (deceased) doctor. While initially very hostile, Harry has warmed up to humanity and is now trying to save the Earth from the would-be planet-stealing Grey aliens. Asta is determined […]Read On »


THE COMPLETELY MADE-UP ADVENTURES OF DICK TURPIN: Star Noel Fielding and executive producer Kenton Allen on Season 1 – Exclusive Interview


THE COMPLETELY MADE-UP ADVENTURES OF DICK TURPIN, currently in its first season in the U.S. on Apple TV+, is a British comedy/fantasy take on the legendary (but real-world) eighteenth-century English highwayman. Noel Fielding is co-creator and star of the cult favorite THE MIGHTY BOOSH (2003-2007) and, from 2017 through the present, one of the hosts of THE GREAT BRITISH BAKING SHOW and THE GREAT CELEBRITY BAKE OFF. Fielding plays Turpin as a kind-hearted pacifist vegan who accidentally becomes head of an outlaw gang. Dick would actually rather make clothes for people than rob them, but the gang has a reputation […]Read On »


NIGHT COURT: Actor Nyambi Nyambi discusses playing the new court clerk on Season 2 – Exclusive Interview

Nyambi Nyambi as Wyatt in NIGHT COURT - Season 2 - "Wheelers of Fortune" | ©2024 NBC/Nicole Weingart

Actor Nyambi Nyambi joined NBC’s Tuesday-night comedy NIGHT COURT in its second and current season, which also streams on Peacock, as court clerk Wyatt Cooper. The original NIGHT COURT ran on NBC 1984-1992. Created by Reinhold Weege, the show follows the unconventional events in Manhattan’s night court. Dan Rubin developed the new version, which stars Melissa Rauch as Judge Abby Stone, daughter of the original edition’s Judge Harry T. Stone, who was played by the late Harry Anderson. Original NIGHT COURT cast member John Larroquette returns in his role as attorney Dan Fielding. Nyambi, originally from Oklahoma, has been in […]Read On »


RESIDENT ALIEN: Actress Alice Wetterlund on Season 3 – Exclusive Interview

Alice Wetterlund as D'Arcy Bloom in RESIDENT ALIEN - Season 3 | ©2024 Syfy/Brendan Meadows

By Season 3 of RESIDENT ALIEN, now airing Wednesday nights on Syfy and streaming on Peacock, Alice Wetterlund’s character, bartender D’Arcy Bloom, has had several major changes in her life. One is that she and best pal Asta Twelvetrees (Sara Tomko) are now sharing a house together in the mountain town of Patience, Colorado. Another is that D’Arcy now knows that town doctor Harry Vanderspiegle (Alan Tudyk) who was originally sent to destroy humanity, but is now trying to protect us from another alien species, the Greys. This isn’t Wetterlund’s first spin around the TV galaxy: she was also a […]Read On »


QUEENS: Director of Photography Sophie Darlington and producer-director Faith Musembi on new documentary series

QUEENS Director of Photography Justine Evans, Mentee and Filmmaker Erica Rugabandana, Series Director and Mentee Faith Musembi, and Director of Photography Sophie Darlington | ©2024 National Geographic for Disney / Andrew Thompson

QUEENS, on National Geographic and Disney+, is a seven-episode documentary series spotlighting matriarchal animal groups, made by a group of primarily women filmmakers. Different segments focus on wildlife in the savannahs, in Africa, in the rainforest, in the coasts and oceans, and in the mountains, as well as on insects and aunts. The series is narrated by Angela Bassett, one of its executive producers. The first three episodes premiered on Monday, March 4; the remaining four will debut on Monday, March 11. Sophie Darlington is, with Justine Evans, the series director of photography on QUEENS. Her previous credits include PBS […]Read On »


NIGHT COURT: Actress Lacretta gives the scoop on Season 2 of NBC’s reboot – Exclusive Interview

NIGHT COURT - Season 1 Key Art | ©2023 NBC

The original NIGHT COURT ran on NBC for nine seasons, from 1984 through 1992. The half-hour comedy, created by Reinhold Weege, starred Harry Anderson as Judge Harry T. Stone, who presided over Manhattan’s night court. NIGHT COURT returned on NBC and Peacock last year, developed by Dan Rubin, as essentially a sequel to the earlier series. Now on Tuesday nights in its second season, the new NIGHT COURT stars Melissa Rauch as the Honorable Abby Stone, daughter of the late Harry Stone, who has her father’s old judicial seat. John Larroquette reprises his role as lawyer Dan Fielding. However, many […]Read On »


EXTENDED FAMILY: Actress Abigail Spencer on new NBC comedy series – Exclusive Interview

EXTENDED FAMILY - Season 1 Key Art | Abigail Spencer at the NBCUniversal Press Tour 2024 for EXTENDED FAMILY - Season 1 | ©2024 NBCUniversal

In NBC’s freshman comedy EXTENDED FAMILY, airing Tuesday nights, Abigail Spencer plays high-level executive Julia Mariano. Julia is amicably divorced from Jim Kearney (Jon Cryer), with whom she has two children, Grace (Sophia Cappana) and Jimmy Jr. (Finn Sweeney). To make the split easier on the youngsters, Julia and Jim are practicing “nesting,” where the kids stay in the home, with the adults moving in and out, depending on who is on deck as supervising parent. Complicating the situation: Jim is a huge Boston Celtics basketball fan, and Julia is now seriously dating Celtics owner Trey Taylor (Donald Faison). How […]Read On »


THE WAY HOME: Actor Evan Williams on Hallmark time travel series – Exclusive Interview

Evan Williams in THE WAY HOME - Season 2 | ©2024 Hallmark

In Hallmark Channel’s series THE WAY HOME, now in its second season on Sunday nights, Evan Williams plays Elliot Augustine, who has grown up in a charming small town in Canada. When Elliot was a teenager (played by David Webster), he was secretly in love with best friend Kat (played as a teen by Alex Hook, and as an adult by Chyler Leigh). But in the show, created by Marly Reed & Alexandra Clarke & Heather Conkie, Elliot’s world got turned upside-down when Kat’s adolescent daughter Alice (Sadie Laflamme-Snow) arrives from the present in 1999. This is because there’s a […]Read On »


QUEENS: D.P. Justine Evans and cinematographer Erin Ranney on new animal mini-series – Exclusive Interview

QUEENS Key Art | ©2024 National Geographic

QUEENS is National Geographic Channel’s seven-part nature documentary series, premiering with three episodes on Monday, March 4, then running the other four episodes on Monday, March 11. The series is also available on Disney+. Shot across six continents, QUEENS not only focuses on animal matriarchies, from elephants to ants, but was made by a women-led team of filmmakers and technicians, and narrated by Angela Bassett. Director of photography Justine Evans, whose previous credits include PLANET EARTH and GREAT MIGRATIONS, and cinematographer Erin Ranney, who filmed on NATURE, sit down to talk about their work on QUEENS. This conversation took place […]Read On »

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