PARISH: Actor Skeet Ulrich on new AMC action series – Exclusive Interview

PARISH - Season 1 key art | ©2024 AMC

PARISH, in its first season Sunday nights on AMC and AMC+, stars Giancarlo Esposito (who is also an executive producer on the show) as Gracian “Gray” Parish, a New Orleans upscale car service owner who is trying to stay on the straight and narrow. This becomes more difficult when he is contacted by his old pal Colin, played by Skeet Ulrich. Colin has just been released after a seventeen-year stretch in the brutal Angola Prison. He could have gotten his sentence reduced if he’d flipped on Gray, but Colin stayed loyal. Now Colin wants Gray to go back to being […]Read On »


SAW: THE MUSICAL: Creator Cooper Jordan and writer Zoe Ann Jordan on the new musical stage parody – Exclusive Interview

SAW: THE MUSICAL Key Art | ©2024 Saw the Musical parody LLC

Pop quiz. What’s the most unlikely movie to ever get turned into a stage musical? If you somehow guessed SAW, you may be right. As subject matter goes, the 2004 horror film, which has launched a franchise (SAW XI is due out later this year) as well as the careers of director James Wan and his co-writer Leigh Whannell, doesn’t seem a likely candidate for upbeat musical numbers. It has two men – Adam, played by writer Whannell, and Dr. Lawrence Gordon, played by Cary Elwes – chained up at opposite ends of an industrial bathroom, where the only means […]Read On »


SECRETS OF THE OCTOPUS: The filmmakers and author talk about new docu series – Exclusive Interview

SECRETS OF THE OCTOPUS Key Art | ©2024 National Geographic

SECRETS OF THE OCTOPUS is a new three-part documentary series premiering Sunday, April 21, on the National Geographic Channel, and is thereafter available streaming on National Geographic Channel, Hulu, and Disney+. Executive-produced by James Cameron as part of his National Geographic Channel SECRETS OF documentary anthology, SECRETS OF THE OCTOPUS explores previously unknown behaviors by these intelligent ocean dwellers. Paul Rudd is the show’s narrator. During National Geographic Channel’s portion of the Winter 2024 Television Critics Association (TCA) press tour, Dr. Alex Schnell, executive producer Adam Geiger, and writer Sy Montgomery sit down together to talk about SECRETS OF THE […]Read On »


SHOGUN: Co-creator Rachel Kondo discusses new mini-series – Exclusive Interview

SHOGUN miniseries Key Art | ©2024 FX Networks

The miniseries SHŌGUN, now running Tuesday nights on FX and available for streaming on Hulu, is the second adaptation of James Clavell’s epic 1975 bestseller. The first adaptation was an NBC miniseries in 1980. All concern a power struggle in 1600s Japan that comes to involve an English ship’s navigator, who is folded into the retinue of shrewd Lord Toranaga. However, both the NBC edition and the book itself are primarily from the Western point of view. The new version is told more from the Japanese perspective. Executive producers (who are also married to one another) Rachel Kondo & Justin […]Read On »


ELSBETH: The cast and creators talk the new COLUMBO-like procedural – Interview

ELSBETH Key Art - Season 1 | ©2024 CBS

If you have been missing COLUMBO these many years, ELSBETH is here to fill the void. Once more, here’s a series where we see a murder committed at the outset. It’s just that instead of Peter Falk playing a rumpled police detective who solves the crime, we now have Carrie Preston reprising her Emmy-winning role as Elsbeth Tascioni. Previously a Chicago lawyer who was a recurring character on CBS’s THE GOOD WIFE and its Paramount Plus spinoff THE GOOD FIGHT, Elsbeth has moved to New York City to be a civilian oversight observer with the NYPD in ELSBETH. Like Columbo, […]Read On »


ALEX RIDER: Creator Anthony Horowitz gives the scoop on Season 3 – Exclusive Interview

ALEX RIDER Season 3 Key Art | ©2024 Amazon Freevee

Season 3 of the spy thriller ALEX RIDER premieres in its eight-episode entirety on Amazon Freevee in the U.S., the U.K. and Germany. Based on the series of bestselling novels by Anthony Horowitz, ALEX RIDER follows the title character, played by Otto Farrant, an English teenager who discovers that his late uncle and his late father were both spies. The clandestine U.K. government group, the Department, that hired both men (and got them killed in the line of duty) enlists Alex to infiltrate a school for them in 2020’s Season 1. Then they cut him loose, despite Alex’s desire to […]Read On »


AMERICAN RUST: BROKEN JUSTICE: Actor Alex Neustaedter on Season 2 of the thriller series – Exclusive Interview

Actor ALEX NEUSTAEDTER | ©2024 and photo by StormSantos

AMERICAN RUST: BROKEN JUSTICE is the second season of AMERICAN RUST. All episodes are now streaming on Amazon Prime; Amazon Studios produced the new season. This is a bit surprising, as the first season of AMERICAN RUST ran on Showtime in 2021 and was canceled thereafter. While streamers are known to pick up shows that were canceled on broadcast – Amazon took on THE EXPANSE, Netflix made more seasons of LUCIFER – this is generally right after the series end their network runs, rather than several years later. Both seasons were shot at the 31st Street Studios in Pittsburgh and […]Read On »


A BIT OF LIGHT: Director Stephen Moyer on helming his second feature film – Exclusive Interview

Director Stephen Moyer on the set of A BIT OF LIGHT | ©2024 Quiver Distribution

Based on Rebecca Callard’s award-winning play, A BIT OF LIGHT is a film that encompasses grief, hope, and a peculiar friendship. Anna Paquin portrays Ella, a working-class Englishwoman who, at age thirty-nine, has moved back in with her dad. Anna has lost custody of her two little girls to their father Joseph (Yousef Kerkour) and his partner Bethan (Pippa Bennett-Warner). Anna is allowed to have her children with her for a few days here and there, but she feels such guilt over what she did while they were with her that she can barely function. She spends her days sitting […]Read On »


RESIDENT ALIEN: Actor Corey Reynolds on Season 3 – Exclusive Interview

Corey Reynolds as Sheriff Mike Thompson in in RESIDENT ALIEN - Season 3 - "Homecoming" | ©2024 Syfy/James Dittiger

RESIDENT ALIEN has its Season 3 finale on Wednesday, April 3, on USA and Syfy, and streams on Peacock. Previous seasons are available on Netflix. In the science-fiction comedy series, adapted by Chris Sheridan from the Dark Horse Comics, an extraterrestrial has assumed the identity of Dr. Harry Vanderspiegle (Alan Tudyk) in the small town of Patience, Colorado. Corey Reynolds plays Patience’s sheriff, “Big Mike” Thompson. This isn’t Reynolds’s first series regular role as a representative of law enforcement. From 2005 through 2012, he played LAPD Detective David Gabriel on THE CLOSER, which earned him three SAG nominations. Reynolds, who […]Read On »


PARISH: Executive producers and writers Eduardo Javier Canto and Ryan Maldonado on new AMC crime drama – Exclusive Interview

PARISH - Season 1 key art | ©2024 AMC

In the new series PARISH, premiering Sunday, March 31 on AMC and AMC+, Giancarlo Esposito (one of the show’s executive producers) stars as Gracian “Gray” Parish. Gray has a loving wife, Ros (Paula Malcomson), and a rebellious teen daughter, Makayla (Arica Himmel). All of them, in their own ways, are mourning the loss of Gray and Ros’s son Maddox (Caleb Baumann), who was killed a year ago. Owner of a financially-strapped New Orleans car service, Gray is trying to make ends meet. He serves as one of his own drivers. It’s not long before we learn that Gray used to […]Read On »

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