Intrada follows up their release of Bruce Broughton’s classic score to YOUNG SHERLOCK HOLMES with music for a just slightly more jingoistic youth adventure that’s sure to go down as one of Kim Il Jong’s least favorite entertainments. But for Broughton fans, 1988s Touchstone movie THE RESCUE  is a flag-waving, anti North Korean blast of nutty musical fun from the composer, if only to hear Broughton unfurl symphonic action combos of all-American funk and evil Asian percussion. But then, blasting commies was the rage in a decade that saw Basil Poledouris take down the Russians on U.S. soil for RED DAWN and James Horner bringing back our boys from the Vietnam in UNCOMMON VALOR (both albums maybe not so coincidentally released by this label).

But what makes THE RESCUE stand out is how Broughton brings a kid’s-ear sensibility to a mission to save their SEAL fathers from behind enemy lines. A composer of such beautifully lyrical scores as THE BOY WHO COULD FLY and HARRY AND THE HENDERSONS,  Broughton has a poetic way of conveying a sense of innocence for lush strings and gossamer percussion, elements that are thrown full-bore into militaristic, flag-waving bombast, exotically sinister Oriental percussion and pop rhythms. Fans of Broughton’s rousing string suspense and brass-blasting heroism in such scores as SILVERADO and TOMBSTONE will certainly get their fill here as he skillfully builds the teens’ break into a North Korean prison, then unleashes exhilaratingly adult scoring that can stand with the best of his work. Crossing his Disney-friendly orchestral sound with Cold War fury in one of the odder movies to ride a box office wave from Disney, THE RESCUE shows just how well Broughton can turn toy solders into the real, orchestral blazing deal with his mix of kid-friendly melody and balls-out Commie killing orchestral vengeance, with a boisterous “A-Team” worthy-theme and a rock guitar riff on “The Star-Spangled Banner” to boot. Intrada’s red-and-blue colored booklet offers Broughton’s own humorous reminisce on his alternately aggressive and sweet work in the entertaining liner notes by Tim Grieving, which also features an interview with acting rescuer Ned Vaughan.


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Article: CD Review of  THE RESCUE soundtrack

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