Cast: Travis Fimmel, Clive Standen, Katheryn Winnick, Gabriel Byrne, Gustaf Skarsgard, Jessalyn Gilsig, George Blagden
Writer: Michael Hirst
Director: Johan Renick
Network: Airs on History, Sundays at 10 p.m.
Original Telecast: March 17, 2013

Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) encounter armed soldiers in VIKINGS "Dispossessed" | (c) 2013 Jonathan Hession/History

Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) encounter armed soldiers in VIKINGS "Dispossessed" | (c) 2013 Jonathan Hession/History

Hey it isn’t so bad to be a slave among the VIKINGS.

Not only are you treated fairly well in terms of getting a house over your head and a warm cot, but as was shown in “Dispossessed” you get the opportunity to share the wife of the man who owns you. And when you are talking about the lovely Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) that’s a pretty good deal. Of course, Athelstan (George Blagden) didn’t partake because he’s a priest but hey the offer was there.

Athelstan, the slave of main character Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel), also got plenty of drink – the point of being drunk – and eat. So not really a bad gig as far as slavery goes.

“Dispossessed” picked up after the last episode where Ragnar and his band of sailors that ventured west to England returning to their homeland with riches galore and Earl Haraldson (Gabriel Byrne) taking all of the riches and slaves from his men as Ragnar was doing the raid against the Earl’s riches. Instead of killing them all, the Earl allows the band to take one item for their own and spares their lives.

Ragnar not satisfied with his first raid, convinces Athelstan to tell him all about England and the surrounding towns near the monastery. Of course, Ragnar turns around and uses the information to convince the Earl to send an authorized raiding party.

The only problem is that this raid doesn’t go nearly as easy as the first encounter as the Vikings run into an armed sheriff and warriors jittery but not backing down from a fight. Naturally, things go south and the Vikings eliminate the soldiers leading to what should be an interesting next episode as they continue their raid on the neighboring village.

While this episode was much slower than the previous two, it did a good job of establishing the position of Athelstan as a worried and shell shocked outsider just hoping to survive the encounter with the northmen. It also further progressed what will eventually be a confrontation for power between Ragnar and the Earl as they continue to butt heads over the direction the tribe should be going.

Still, this is a fun series with a lot going for it as it is definitely unique to television and it is quickly becoming a must watch.

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ArticleTV Review: VIKINGS – SEASON 1 – “Dispossessed” 

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