Daniel Sutton as Daniel, Johnny Wactor as Johnny, Anne-Marie Mueschke as Anne-Marie, Esther Anderson as Esther, Sabina Akhmedova as Sabina in SIBERIA - Season 1 | ©2013 NBC/Keith Eidse

Daniel Sutton as Daniel, Johnny Wactor as Johnny, Anne-Marie Mueschke as Anne-Marie, Esther Anderson as Esther, Sabina Akhmedova as Sabina in SIBERIA - Season 1 | ©2013 NBC/Keith Eidse

Cast: Joyce Giraud, Johnny Wactor, Neeko Skervin, Natalie Scheetz, Sam Dobbins, Esther Anderson, Anne-Marie Mueschke, Jonathon Buckley, Victoria Emilie Hill
Writer: Matthew Arnold
Director: Matthew Arnold
Network: NBC, airs Mondays @ 10 p.m.
Original Telecast: Sept. 16, 2013

SIBERIA went out with a lot happening in its Season 1 finale “Into the Oven” – let’s be honest, it’s the series finale of the NBC summer series as it will be highly doubtful this promising show will return given the horrific ratings.

But I give NBC credit for not switching its time slot or just burying the rest of the episodes to streaming, although again being honest, what else did they have to put there?

There was a lot right with SIBERIA. I loved the concept of a fake reality show in the same genre as SURVIVOR but that in reality was more of a found footage horror/survival series with a bunch of actors. The concept alone was fresh but the original few episodes actually was believable enough to be a reality show that many viewers raged about the fact they had been duped. I also liked that this was a doomed bunch of civilians from the get-go and that you knew things were going to get bad just from the previews.

Beyond the scope of the premise – which was billed as a cross between SURVIVOR and LOST – it lacked seriously intriguing characters. There were only a handful of people that even had any personality or interest – Johnny (Johnny Wactor), Miljan (Miljan Milosevic), Daniel (Daniel Sutton), Sam (Sam Dobbins) and Sabina (Sabina Akhmedova). Beyond that everyone else was boring or was gone from the show before they had a chance to prove anything. Besides not having a good handful of characters, too many plot holes were here that didn’t need to be, especially in a show trying to gain a foothold with viewers.

As said previously, “Into the Oven” had a lot happening. Irene (Irene Yee) steps on a land mine but it’s OK because Daniel says it’s a dud and she’s just fine. Weird and unnecessary. Suddenly, after the remaining cast members are reunited in the abandoned Russia research facility, they get apprehended by a group of black paramilitary types wanting “the weapon.” Soon, these guys are attacked by the weird voices we have been hearing throughout the show and the cast members snag their truck and get outta there.

Johnny Wactor as Johnny, Joyce Giraud as Joyce in SIBERIA - Season 1 | ©2013 NBC/Keith Eidse

Johnny Wactor as Johnny, Joyce Giraud as Joyce in SIBERIA - Season 1 | ©2013 NBC/Keith Eidse

After Esther (Esther Anderson) steals the truck because she stole the money that was being offered in the reality show, the others make their way to an abandoned town that has been evacuated. They hole up in a small apartment that mysteriously still has power and the original host from the first two episodes shows up saying “You’re not supposed to be here.” End scene.

Weird. And we are left forever with a slew of unanswered questions including:

  • Why did Sabina find a skeleton with her necklace on it?
  • What made the green sky? And why?
  • What was the weird animal we saw in the lost video (assuming it was what has been making the sounds)?
  • What are the weird drawings about on trees and everywhere else?
  • What caused the town to be evacuated?
  • Where did all the contestants that quit the show or were eliminated go? Were they actually safe? Did they get killed?
  • Who attacked the production tents and where did the bodies go?
  • Of course, at the end of this episode, why is the host back and what does he have to do with these military types?


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  1. Pretty sure that wasn’t the finale, genius. Whoever heard of a season going for 11 episodes. IMDB seems to think there is another one next week.

    • IMDB is wrong. That was the last episode. The show was getting too low of ratings. Originally, this was meant to be a one season show, and I believe there was supposed to be another episode. Due to low ratings, there will never be any answers to the questions we are asking.

      As for your comment on seasons of 11 episodes, this was a small series because it ran during the summer months. Not the usual school year long length.

  2. Did Ester get away with the money? How can they not come back with solutions to all the dangling events they presented us with? It was a very strange show but I wanted to see what would happen and why, so I stuck with it through the end.

  3. Pay attention! Almost all of those questions were answered. The “animal” was a Valleyman. That symbol is the symbol of the Valleymen, and the producers camp was probably attacked by the Valleymen. Haven’t you been paying attention AT ALL?

    Sabina finding her skeleton, the eliminated contestants, and the host are all questions that we need answered. We don’t know what the answers to that are. That’s why we need a Season 2.

  4. Pretty sure it was the finale, genius. 12 episodes were filmed but there is this guy who is kind of popular. Maybe you’ve heard of him? His name is Will. He got married last year to Kate and now they have a bouncing baby boy. Anyway, NBC decided to air special coverage of the new baby instead of our regularly scheduled program. The last two episodes were melded into one. Thus…12-1=11. PS (in a whispered voice) no one told IMDB. shhhhhh……


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