Vin Diesel received the 2,504th Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the Category of Motion Pictures on August 26th. The star is located in front of the historic Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel on Hollywood Boulevard.

It was a very hot day and unfortunately I landed up sitting in the sun and thought I was going to melt.

The Emcee for the event was Leron Gubler, Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, President/CEO who after speaking to the crowd full of fans, the press and family and friends introduced Vin. First up to speak was Ron Meyer, President and COO Universal Pictures who spoke about Vin and his long relationship with the studio. Next up to speak was Michelle Rodriguez who has worked with Vin in the past and she spoke about how she loved this man and that he dares to dream when others don’t. That he loves what he does and loves the business and is a great storyteller and loves every race on the planet.

Finally Vin took over the podium and I must say he is quite funny. He talked about his life and how he got into acting. How right before FLASHDANCE came out he took to the streets breakdancing and that he would take his hat off and walked around the crowd asking people if he performed good enough would they donate a dollar. He then related one story, which actually made me think more of him for admitting this to the crowd. He told everyone that thanks to his Grandmother Carmen who talked his mom out of having an abortion, because when he was in his mother’s stomach he was illegal, as at that time parts of America still looked down on someone procreating a child of color and half white. But with the passing of the law Loving vs. Virginia which eradicated that that when he was born he was legal. He then started to laugh and continued to wish that his Grandmother Carmen was here to see that she made the right decision.

Leron Gubler then proclaimed August 26th was Vin Diesel Day in Los Angeles. Mitch O’Farrell then presented him with a resolution from the City of Los Angeles, State of California and Vin was given a plaque for his star. After the star was revealed Vin literally stomped in excitement, like a kid, on his star!

Congratulations Vin on your star!


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Exclusive Photos from the Vin Diesel Star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony


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