Howard Gordon at the 24: REDEMPTION - Captured in Africa photo exhibit at the Paley Center for Media - November 10, 2008 | ©2008 Sue Schneider

Howard Gordon at the 24: REDEMPTION - Captured in Africa photo exhibit at the Paley Center for Media - November 10, 2008 | ©2008 Sue Schneider

Producer/writer Howard Gordon is a very busy man, what with last year’s truckload of Emmys for the first season of Showtime’s HOMELAND, an even bigger slate of nominations for the second season of HOMELAND, the series TYRANT in development at FX and LEGENDS, an espionage series starring Sean Bean, at TNT. This last is likely why Gordon is at TNT’s twenty-fifth anniversary party at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

We talked with Gordon about all his projects (see our upcoming separate interview), but while we’re at it, we got an update on next year’s anticipated mini-season of 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY for Fox, which Gordon is executive-producing and show-running.

ASSIGNMENT X: You’ve got 24 at Fox and TYRANT at FX. They are sibling networks. Is there any difference in dealing with Fox and FX?

HOWARD GORDON: Oh, yeah. Fox is run by Kevin Reilly and FX is run by John Landgraf. And they’re different people and they’re different networks, with different sensibilities. They’re absolutely different.

AX: Will Mary Lynn Rajskub’s character Chloe be back next year in 24?

GORDON: I hope so. As a fan, I absolutely hope so. The truth is, we’re at the beginning of the process. Things aren’t written in stone yet, so we’re not sure. But the good news is, all the writers are back. David Fury, Manny Coto and Evan Katz, yeah. And Evan and Manny are running the show with me.

AX: And it’s twelve episodes?

GORDON: Twelve episodes, which in and of itself is phenomenal.

AX: Is it going to be twenty-four hours crammed into twelve episodes, is it going to be paced like a normal show, or is it going to be twelve hours of story time into twelve hours of running time?

GORDON: Well, we’re going to take advantage of the time. The story will be twelve hours over a day, but we’ll take advantage of the fact that we can go from seven o’clock to nine o’clock.

AX: What kind of shooting schedule do you have for 24?

GORDON: We start in January, and we’re going through May, and we start airing in April.

AX: Is Jon Cassar, who was a directing producer on 24 the series, on it as a directing producer?

GORDON: Yes. Absolutely. I’m going to go up to see Jon. He’s shooting a movie [REDEMPTION] right now with Donald Sutherland [father of 24 star Kiefer Sutherland]  in Calgary. So I’m going to go up and see them and pitch them a little bit [of story ideas for the miniseries].

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Article: Exclusive Interview: The Scoop on 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY from executive producer Howard Gordon


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