ASSIGNMENT X got a chance to chat up a few of the ladies from PBS Masterpiece’s CALL THE MIDWIFE at the Winter TCAS, and get a bit of feedback as to what this new season has in store, what familiar things we can look for, and what they most look forward to as the series continues.

Looks like there’s going to be some new faces this season with the introduction of at least one new girl at Nonnatus House in London’s East End, and things are going to get a bit more fun since the returning nurses all know each other a little better now.

“We do have a new regular coming in and she is very different to the rest of us,” explains Jessica Raine who plays Nurse Jenny Lee. “It’s about 6 months to a year later that we pick up in season two and the relationships have bedded in a lot more. There’s are a lot more scenes drinking in the bedroom! A lot more fun.”

Of course, our favorite Nuns are back as well, though there’s not a lot that chances for the more spiritual denizens of Nonnatus House as Pam Ferris who plays Sister Evengelina explains.

“Nothing changes for Evangelina, God is still up there and babies are still popping out down here,” she laughs. “Sister Monica Joan (Judy Partfitt) is back with us in a slightly more normal way at the beginning of this new series, and then she has doolally moments.”

So I guess that means a bit less sparring between the two sisters!

Of course, inevitably talk of future seasons comes up, and what do you think the ladies of MIDWIFE are most excited for? The fashions of course! It’s all about the clothes.

“If this series goes forward into the 1960’s it would be really fun to experiment and see how the fashions changed and what was happening in society in that time,” says Helen George who plays Nurse Trixie Franklin. “It should be fun for our costume designer. Every character’s costume really defines them and their personality. Everyone has their own color palette.  As soon as we get out our uniforms we’re excited to see what we can do.”

So tune in to PBS Masterpiece for the all new second season of CALL THE MIDWIFE for more babies, laughs, a few tears, and as many feel good endings as are allowed in one single program!




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