At San Diego Comic-Con 2013, HANNIBAL creator Bryan Fuller talked about how the show continues to be on track to match what has already happened on the big screen as well as in the books.

“Yes, we are right on track for the initial plan. The first three seasons we would say are lost literature from Thomas Harris. It is very important to honor what Thomas Harris has written,” Fuller says. “When I was a kid I saw MANHUNTER and I went out and bought the book and discovered there’s a whole world here that I didn’t see in the film. I realized how great literature is because it provides a world that can’t be captured in an hour and half or two hours of cinematic storytelling. Season 2 and Season 3 are such dramatic departures and the trick is to steer the show back to RED DRAGON and back to a story that the audience has seen if they have seen these films. “

Fuller explained that this was the idea even going back to the casting for the show.

“What we did in casting Mads Mikkelsen was we put an orange cone where Anthony Hopkins was and put an orange cone where Brian Cox was and the charted a whole new path,” Fuller says. “I love Mads’ first instinct for the character was not to do the cannibal psychologist but to do Lucifer. As a fan of horror, sci-fi and fantasy was a cool layer of mythology as you won’t see devil horns. You may see antlers like you did in the last episode but we really wanted to take advantage of all the iconography and chart a new path.”

Fuller said he has seven seasons mapped out and it will begin to get into the books of Hannibal material beginning in Season 4 but there will be elements of HANNIBAL RISING in Season 3. “Season 4 would then be RED DRAGON and Season 5 would be getting into the SILENCE OF THE LAMBS era but if we don’t get the rights to Clairice and Buffalo Bill, we will tell a parallel story,” Fuller says.

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: Breaking News: HANNIBAL on track with the films/books – Comic-Con 2013

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