While ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER is currently taking up director Timur Bekmambetov’s time, he did reveal to reporters today after his panel at Wondercon 2012 that he hasn’t been able to focus on a sequel to his hit WANTED.

“There is a script,” says Bekmambetov about WANTED 2. “I’m so busy with this project, I can’t think about another project now.”

ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER hits theaters June 22, 2012


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Article: Timur Bekmambetov talks about the status of WANTED 2

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  1. Amazing ep! My favorite part was when all of the Originals appeared in the living room. I’ve never been able to predict things on this show, but I was actually right that his mother was in the coffin! I agree that Candice did an amazing job (as always). I’m really excited about this Stefan/Damon/Elena love triangle and I hope all of the tension between the characters lasts. I thought it was interesting when Stefan asked Elena if she has asked Damon who he has killed lately. Is it at all possible that Damon is killing off vamp hunters in order to make sure that Stefan is kept safe? While Damon knows that Alaric has the ring, Alaric has been having trouble with it, and he needed Damon’s blood last time.


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