Stars: Jon Cryer, Ashton Kutcher, Angus T. Jones, Conchatta Ferrell, Holland Tayler
Writers: Don Reo & Jim Patterson, story by Chuck Lorre & Eddie Gorodetsky
Director: James Widdoes
Network: CBS
Original Telecast: Sept. 27th, 2012

Now I can honestly say that I have given Ashton Kutcher more than a fair shot at salvaging TWO AND A HALF MEN. However, as his second season with the show begins (and the tenth overall), there is still a noticeable void in the show that can never be replaced by any actor. As one of the few who didn’t quite understand how Charlie Sheen was allowed to behave any way he wished until finally…dun dun dun he insulted his boss and then THAT is what got him fired! I still miss him. Sorry, but his presence is sorely missed. Just like in the season 10 premiere “I Changed My Mind About The Milk” where Kutcher envisions his ex girlfriend’s face on that of his one night stand’s, I too envision Sheen’s on Kutcher’s.

So the question is – how do you review a show with one hit against it before you even watch it? That was the dilemma I experienced last year when watching the new version with Kutcher and still do as he begins his second season on TAAHM. The producers tried hard to make him fit in last year and even when he finally started to emerge with some feasible character nuances Kutcher still wallowed mercilessly to find his niche in an already extremely successful show.

This year, I will say he seems to have found it, somewhat, but his Walden Schmidt is an inferior antidote to the loss of Sheen’s loose and lecherous Charlie Harper, especially playing off of Jon Cryer’s Alan Harper. Kutcher’s Schmidt is far too nice and wholesome, nice qualities in real life but a big bore in the sitcom world. What is greatly needed are the zingers Sheen used to spit out one after the other at his hopeless ne’er do well nephew and his loser brother, commonly known as a leech. Now, everybody plays nice-nice with one another. Not exactly compelling television.

So here it is, a show that is no longer the best sitcom on television, although better than most. Kutcher doing his best, but not better than Sheen and Cryer becoming the top dog of the show – especially after winning a lead actor Emmy for the first time last Sunday. The difference this season is, yes, Kutcher finally fits in. And yes, Cryer’s and Kutcher’s chemistry is getting better now but the show will never be as good as what is now being referred to as the original TWO AND A HALF MEN.

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Article:TV Review – TWO AND A HALF MEN – Season 10 – “I Changed My Mind About the Milk” – Season Premiere

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