Tina and Jimmy Jr. on BOB'S BURGERS - Season 2 - "The Belchies" | ©2012 Fox

Tina and Jimmy Jr. on BOB'S BURGERS - Season 2 - "The Belchies" | ©2012 Fox

Voices: H. Jon Benjamin, John Roberts, Dan Mintz, Eugene Mirman, Kristin Schaal
Writer: Jon Schroeder
Directors: Boohwan Lin & Kyoungee Lin
Network: Fox, airs Sunday nights
Original Telecast: March 12, 2012

Last year when BOB’S BURGERS premiered, I was very harsh in my critique. This was not a very funny show initially and it had a long way to go in order to find its voice (and stay on the air).

I’m happy to report, the second season premiere “The Belchies” re-introduces a stronger, funnier and more interesting BOB’S BURGERS. It’s amazing what one season of experimentation and storylines can do for a new animated series, and BOB’S BURGERS is proof that if you buckle down and figure out what’s working and what isn’t, you can conjure up some great comedic magic.

The premise follows Bob and his family (wife Linda and kids Gene, Tina and Louise) who own a hole-in-the-wall burger joint. Like all of Fox’s TV families, they’re a loving one, but stubbornness, obliviousness and curiosity seems to get the best of them.

When the kids hear about the legend of a buried treasure in the abandoned taffy factory, they decide to check it out before the building is demolished. The result is a truly strange adventure resulting in Louise befriending a fake person made of taffy (you have to see it to believe it).

There are allusions to THE GOONIES and even Cyndi Lauper gets into the act by contributing reworked lyrics to her GOONIES hit “The Goonies ‘R’ Good Enough” and turning the track into a new song called “Taffy Butt.”

BOB’S BURGERS is still not laugh out loud funny, but it definitely holds your interest and the supporting cast has been expanding to a point that there’s now a great ensemble. It also helps that the series is quite weird. The taffy person is so creepy and strange, but it adds to the surreal quality of the series.

On the downside, I still have issues with Tina and Linda being voiced by male performers (there’s no attempt to hide that they’re male voices either). It’s distracting at times, and frankly, it wasn’t funny before, it isn’t funny now.

Despite the distraction, the series makes up for it with its perverse sense of humor and continued evolution which has made BOB’S BURGERS one of Fox’s most surprising animated hits in some time. And after the disaster of ALLEN GREGORY this fall, Fox must be breathing a sigh of relief that they’ve finally created an animated hit not created by Seth MacFarlane.


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Article: TV Review: BOB’S BURGERS – Season 2 – “The Belchies”

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  1. I love the voices of Tina and Linda. Frankly I don’t see any issue with the fact that they’re voiced by men, and both voices match their characters perfectly. I mean, Nancy Cartwright has lent her voice to Bart Simpson for 23 seasons now and there’s no issue with that. Why bother causing a stink about it going the other way?

    • Nancy Cartwright clearly sounds like an adolescent boy, not a girl.

      The actors playing Tina and Linda sound like men. They’re not even trying to sound like women.

      It’s the kind of thing that if it were a one-off short film, the novelty may be funny once (maybe), but on the series every week, it’s actually quite distracting and kind of creepy.

  2. Tina’s and Linda’s voices a fine! I agree with Cclow. The voices match their personalities. There is no need for their voices to be played by women. If any voice is annoying, it’s Gene’s. :p

    BTW, Tina is my favorite!

  3. I personally love the fact that Tina and Linda’s voices are voiced by men… it was the main thing that stopped me from changing the channel when it first appeared on my TV. I find it hilarious in so many ways, I really couldn’t imagine them being voiced differently now.
    Obviously it’s all down to opinion but judging from the other comments you might be on your own on this one. Other than that, nice review.
    Tina is my fav, love her groan!

  4. You revewers give yourself far too much credit. Animated shows can’t reevaluate themselves mid season and “focus more on what works and drop what doesnt work” animation takes far too much work for that. Everything is boarded out, designed and drawn months before the show ares and long before the first review is seen. So it didnt get better over time as they lisgened to the critics, its just that it took you a long time to reccognise the good which it always had.

    Try this: Watch the very first episode and then watch the seasons final episode. You’ll find that the theme and feel of the two episodes, string together perfectly. The characters are not changed over time to meet the demands of critics, they follow the same character bible that was written when the show was first pitched and you only got to know them better.

    You learned to like the show. It grew on you.


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